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5 Prep Tips for a Maui Road Trip

5 Prep Tips for a Maui Road Trip Leave a comment
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Do you want to take an epic Maui road trip? Check out these tips and tricks!

Despite the devastating wildfires, Hawaii’s local government is pushing for Maui’s reopening for tourists, as the island relies heavily on tourism, with the locals continuing to recuperate from the fires. More people coming in can help their economy recover in the next few months.

One of Maui’s most popular tourist activities is going on road trips. With five stretches of highways filled with beautiful scenery and wonderful locals, it’s no wonder why visitors choose to go on these drives. If you are planning to visit Hawaii and take a Maui road trip, here are a few tips you can consider to prepare for it

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Book a Rental Car in Advance

Having a vehicle ready is ideal because it allows you to start your journey as soon as you land. A car rental at Maui Airport is ideal if you want to do a fair amount of traveling on the island, as everything is pretty spread out and quite far from the airport.

Considering vehicle availability is limited during peak seasons, make your reservation soon after buying your flight tickets. You can have your pick of cars to choose from, including Jeep Wranglers and other 4WDs if you want to travel the island in style or are looking for a more comfortable option.

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Note the Attractions You Want to Visit

Maui’s highways lead to beautiful destinations, with their fair share of roadside and adjacent attractions. When choosing which route to take, you should also consider noting which one of these sites you want to visit. For example, the beaches in Paia, which are along the Hana highway, are known as the windsurfing capital of the world.

The town also has many boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries that can energize you after hours of driving. So, having a list of attractions like Paia will ensure you won’t miss out on any you’d love to see.


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Find Good Accommodations

While Maui certainly isn’t a big place, driving around its perimeter can definitely take a while – especially if you stop at different landmarks and sites. If your road trip spans a number of days, finding reasonable accommodations is an excellent way to improve your vacation in Hawaii.

As a tourist island, you will undoubtedly have many places to choose from, from resorts to condos. You can read reviews from previous guests or look at the accommodation’s website to see their amenities. While staying in a luxurious place isn’t important, you should certainly find one that is at least comfortable and clean.

Pack Essentials and Necessities

Packing the right things is also a great way to improve your vacation experience. Firstly, having weather-appropriate clothes is the way to go. Hawaii’s tropical atmosphere means shorts and tank tops are not uncommon. You should also bring sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

Already having toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner can save you from buying them during your trip. Make sure to also bring chargers for any electronics you have, as a low-battery phone can pose problems, such as difficulty navigating.

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Have a Reliable Navigation System

Lastly, having a reliable navigation system is essential to any road trip. For many people, relying on phone applications is the easiest way to find their way around. They can be great as they can add multiple stops, aside from already providing the best routes and estimated arrival time.

As mentioned before, just be sure to carry around a charger so your phone battery won’t deplete. You can also use your car’s built-in GPS, which may be less convenient. And while road signs in Maui are always available, having a navigation system makes everything much smoother.

Maui Road Trip for You and Yours

Going on a road trip around Maui will be a breeze when you prepare for it. By following these tips, your journey will go smoothly and be even more fun for everyone coming along.

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