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Best Camping Beds (UPDATED 2022)

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Best Camping Beds

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Camping BedPriceOur VerdictCheck Price
KingCamp Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot$$Best for Sturdiness
BYER OF MAINE EasyCot$$$Best for Taller People
ANCHEER Folding Bed Camping Cot$$Best for Lightweight

Updated Jan 5, 2022

Taking a camping trip doesn’t always mean roughing it completely! Adding a camping bed to your camping gear will make your camping experience that much more enjoyable. That way you can look up at the stars from the comfort of your cozy bed!

When it comes to finding a bed that fits neatly into your pop up camping tent, it’s hard to find the right mix of comfort and convenience. That’s where we come in! We’ve taken the time to pick through customer reviews to find the three best camping beds available for purchase right now!

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Camping Bed Buyers’ Guide

The best camping bed to choose will depend on your camping style and personal preferences. What kind of conditions will you be camping in? How will you be transporting the camping bed to the campsite?

Bearing the intended use in mind, here are the things to consider when evaluating different beds so you can settle on the best option for your needs.


Camping beds come in a wide range of sizes. There are single, double, and even queen sized options. Choose a size that will accommodate the number of campers you intend to sleep on it.

At the same time, take note of the length, width, and height of the bed and confirm that the bed will fit inside your tent.

For reference, the average camp bed measures 190.5cm long and 63.5cm wide. Longer, shorter, and wider options are also available so you can find a fitting camping bed for your body size as well as the size of your tent.

Standalone vs. Stackable Designs

Depending on your needs, you can choose a standalone camping bed or a stackable camping bed. The stackable designs can be stacked on top of each other like bunk beds or used side by side.

While stackable styles can accommodate more people in a small space, they are heavier and bulkier to pack and transport than standalone camp beds. Have the number of sleepers you’re shopping for in mind when deciding what style to choose.


While a camping bed promises quality sleep in the outdoors, it is a bulky and heavy item to bring camping. The means of getting it to the campsite will determine the best option to go for.

If you’ll will be hiking or backpacking with the camp bed on your back, go for the lightest camp bed possible without compromising sturdiness.

Airbeds are convenient options as they are ultralight (even as light as 1kg) and compress to a very compact package you can comfortably carry.

If you will be car camping or base camping, on the other hand, weight is not a crucial consideration.

You can afford to bring along a larger and heavier camping bed. The payoff is that you will have a luxurious sleeping experience every night.

Ease of Assembly

After a fun-filled but exhausting day of adventure, the last thing you want is a camp bed that requires a lot of effort and takes a lot of time to put together before you can lie down and unwind.

The best camping bed should be quick and easy to set up. In the morning, the bed should be equally easy to take apart and pack down in readiness for the day.

Some camping beds unfurl like folding chairs while others require full assembly. Airbeds require inflation. Some are self-inflating while others require manual inflation using a pump.

Whether you opt to go for a folding camping bed or an airbed, be sure to find out the assembly requirements before you make the order. Once you receive your bed, take the time to set it up at home so you know what to expect once at campsites. Doing this will also reveal any issues the bed might have so you can return it in a timely manner.


The material a camping bed is made determines the comfort you will experience while sleeping on it. It also determines how easy to clean and durable the bed will be.

With an airbed, the fabric is tough enough to resist puncturing and ripping yet soft enough for sleeping comfort.

Cotton is an ideal fabric because it’s composed of natural fibers with superior breathability. On the downside, cotton attracts dirt quickly, which is a major weakness in the great outdoors.

Nylon and polyester are supportive and easy to clean but not very breathable. This means that you might get hot and sweaty and find it hard to sleep.

Polycotton offers the best of natural and synthetic fibers. It’s
lighter and stronger than cotton and more breathable than
polyester. It also features a waterproof coating that enables it to
resist moisture and dirt.

Frame or No Frame

Some camping beds are held in place by a frame while others lie on the ground. Camp beds with frames provide superior sleeping comfort while airbeds provide superior portability and ease of use.

To get the best of both, you can opt for airbeds that come with built-in metal frames.

As for construction, single camp beds usually feature a lightweight
aluminum frame but larger beds use heavy duty frames made of

An aluminum frame is lightweight but a steel frame is the most durable. A steel frame with a powder coating is especially durable since it can resist rust and corrosion.

As for design, the thicker the legs, the sturdier the bed frame. Cross-over legs provide more sturdiness than straight-legged frames.


In order to provide the support you need to sleep well, camping beds use a fabric tension or a spring tension system.

No matter what system you prefer, the most important thing is that this system should be adjustable to provide custom comfort.

Speaking of comfort, some camp beds come equipped with more padding than others. While the extra cushioning does add to the weight and bulk, the superior comfort makes it worth the extra weight.

Stretcher vs. Airbed

The main advantage of a stretcher or foldout bed is that it
keeps you off the ground. You won’t feel the debris on the ground
and you won’t have to worry about ground moisture or creeping
crawlies. Additionally, you won’t struggle to get in and out of the

Stretchers are also a great option for summer camping because
they allow airflow between the bed and the ground to keep you
cool. On the downside, stretchers are heavier than airbeds and
the assembly process takes longer.

An airbed, on the other hand, packs down compactly which makes it easy to transport.

The disadvantage is that airbeds are susceptible to puncturing and poking when laid on rugged grounds.

Top Three Best Camping Beds

Camping BedPriceOur VerdictCheck Price
KingCamp Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot$$Best for Sturdiness
BYER OF MAINE EasyCot$$$Best for Taller People
ANCHEER Folding Bed Camping Cot$$Best for Lightweight

KingCamp Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot – Best for Sturdiness!

Weight: 15.9 lbs (7.2 kg).Weight limit: 220 lbs (99.79 kg). Fits most people up to 6’2” (187.96 cm). Dimensions: 74.8” (189.99 cm) x 26.8” (68.07 cm) bed. Height: 15″ (38.1 cm). Head Height: 18.9” (48.01 cm). Folded Dimensions: 41.3” (104.9 cm) x 9.1” (23.11 cm) x 6.7” (17.02 cm).

Click here to see reviews and prices for the KingCamp Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot on Amazon

KingCamp Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot is like a great way to get off the ground, and into some pretty sweet dreams while camping! Not only is the KingCamp camping bed sturdy, it’s also really easy to fold up and put away!

This camping bed comes in three different colors, blue, green, and grey, as well as your choice of having a side pocket for your various needs. The high strength steel tube brackets can hold up to 220 lbs (99.79 kg), while the 600D double layer oxford fabric is very breathable. Altogether, a sturdy, colorful, and even airy camping bed!

This lightweight and extremely portable bed is great for camping in all sorts of weather conditions. This camping bed is so well-liked it’s not only used at camp sites, but in salons, near pools, and as patio furniture! The KingCamp camping bed will make your next camping expedition filled with sweet dreams!


  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to put away.
  • Color choices
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy


  • Can’t put camping gear underneath because of structure
  • Can’t adjust the angled head part

What Buyers Like

The reviews are in, and they love this camping bed. It’s a firm sleep, however, most customers actually liked how well they slept on it. Reviewers like how easily they could set it up, not matter if it was in a smaller sized tent, or in a family sized tent! Others liked how the fabric wasn’t too hot during the summer months, as well as how easily they could sleep on it with extra blankets and sleeping bags in the cooler months. All around, this camping bed is a great buy!

Final Verdict

The KingCamp camping bed makes our number one pick for best camping beds because of the ease with which you can put it away, enjoy a good night’s rest, and pack it up! Not recommended for people taller than 6’2” (187.96 cm)! Over all, an excellent addition to your long term camping gear!

BYER OF MAINE EasyCot, Ideal for Camping and Hunting, Indoor Guest Bed – Best for Taller People

Dimensions: 78″ (198.12 cm) L x 31″ (78.74 cm) W x 18″ (45.72 cm) H. Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg). Weight Limit: 330 lbs (149.69 kg).

-600 denier polyester five-panel reinforced fabric.

-Welded steel legs

-non-marring feet.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Byer of Maine EasyCot on Amazon

One of the best camping beds you can purchase right now is the Byer of Maine EasyCot! Made with welded steel legs and 600D polyester five-panel reinforced fabric, the EasyCot is a really durable product. A sturdy, well-made camping bed for any member of the family!

The EasyCot comes with a nifty carrying bag, as well as super simple instructions, making putting it up and tearing it down a SYNCH! The heavy-duty strap makes for easy transportation from one camp site to the next. Furthermore, you can easily place your backpack and gear comfortably under this camping bed for storage that feels more secure!

It is great for children and full sized adults. Certainly, a great alternative to waking up flat on the ground because your air mattress leaked in the night! Get yourself off the ground and up into one of the best camping beds for all ages and nearly all sizes!


78″ (198.12 cm) L x 31″ (78.74 cm) W x 18″ (45.72 cm) H. Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg). Weight Limit: 330 lbs (149.69 kg). 600 denier polyester five-panel reinforced fabric. Welded steel legs, as well as non-marring feet.


  • Wide and Long
  • Pops up quickly
  • Easily put away in carrying bag
  • Comfortable!


  • Higher price
  • Heavy

What Buyers Like

Customers who purchased the Byer of Maine EasyCot camping bed were extremely satisfied with the quality of craftsmanship they got for their money. A LOT of customers really liked how wide and long it was, making it a great camping bed for taller people!

A surprising number of reviews mentioned how they have back problems, and that sleeping on the EasyCot was actually a really nice night’s sleep for them! As many studies have shown, sometimes taking away the fancy mattresses can actually be beneficial for back pain!

Final Verdict

The EasyCot comes in at number two on our list of the best camping beds because it is long and wide and great for anyone who is taller! Not to mention it’s incredibly comfortable and easy to set up! We don’t recommend this to people on the market for a super lightweight camping bed, as it is on the heavier side! All things considered, this camping bed will do wonders for the members of your family whose feet would normally fall of the ends of the bed!

ANCHEER Folding Bed Camping Cot, Portable Easy Set Up Sleeping Cot with Carry Bag – Best for Lightweight

Dimensions: 26.57″ (67.5 cm) W x 13.78″ (35 cm) H x 73.82″ (187.5 cm) L. Weight: 14.44 lbs (6.55kg) Folded Dimensions: 9″ (22.86 cm) L x 6.7″ (17.02 cm) W x 39.7″ (100.84) H. Weight Limit: 260 lbs (117.93 kg).

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Ancheer Folding Bed Camping Cot on Amazon

The Ancheer folding camping bed is a great choice for anyone on the market for a lightweight camping bed! The steel x-frame makes the bed very stable, as well as making it more structurally sound with the support system. Because of the X-pattern design, you can use less metal, but it still holds up to 260 lbs (117.93 kg)!

The camping bed comes in two colors, navy blue and blue, and the frame is a nice brushed metal texture. Great for any size tent, as well as any outdoor space if the weather is right, the Ancheer camping bed makes even a cubed camping tent feel just like home!

The 600D polyester fabric isn’t too heavy and one end is slightly raised for a more comfortable sleeping experience. By and large, one of the most effective camping chairs because it isn’t too heavy, is pretty breathable, and is easy to set up and tear down!


  • Lightweight
  • Good quality fabric
  • Really Affordable
  • Easy to carry bag
  • Super comfortable


  • No instructions included for putting it up, as well as tearing it down
  • Firm

What Buyers Liked

Because this is on the cheaper side for camping beds, a lot of customers were pleasantly surprised by the high-quality purchased they received with the Ancheer camping bed. They were also happy how well it held up on the beach, in the hills, and on all sorts of other terrain. More than one customer commented on comfortable they felt on the sturdy frame and with the larger width!

Final Verdict

This folds up as number three on our best camping beds because it is both lightweight and a lower price than most! It is a great quality product, for a low quality price. Not recommended for people who can’t handle a firm sleeping arrangement! One of the best prices right now for camping beds, the Ancheer takes camping to a whole new level of affordability!

The Top Three Camping Beds for You!

Sometimes getting out the air mattress, or roughing it on the ground just isn’t an option! Whether you want something affordable, something for that can fit nearly every family member, or something remarkably sturdy, our choices for top three camping beds have a little bit of everything! Get off the ground and into one of the best camping beds you can buy!

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