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Best Camping Shower Tent (UPDATED 2022)

Best Camping Shower Tent (UPDATED 2022) 1 Comment

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Best Camping Shower Tents

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Updated Jan 5, 2022

Camping Shower TentsPriceOur VerdictCheck Price
Green Elephant Pop-Up Utilitent$$Best for High-End Campers
Campla Portable Outdoor Shelter with Carrying Bag$Best for Affordability
Ridge Outdoor Gear 6.5ft Pop Up Changing Shower Privacy Tent$$Best for Spaciousness

While enjoying the great outdoors, some might prefer to bring a touch of comfort from home that camping shower tents can provide. A camping shower tent offers not only a private area to shower, change clothes, or use the bathroom, but a peace of mind! They are convenient and multipurpose products that can enhance any trip to the woods or the beach.

Camping supply companies offer many varieties of camping shower tents, and to narrow your search, we have compiled a list of what we say are the best of the best! These are fantastic for a great type of holiday with your family, not to mention hanging out with a large group of friends! Here is our top three choices for the best camping shower tents on the market!

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The Top Three Best Pop Up Camping Shower Tents

Green Elephant Pop-Up Utilitent – Best for High-End Campers


The Green Elephant Pop-up Utilitent is made of PU-coated polyester on a steel frame, making it water-resistant and sturdy, but also lightweight.

It stands at 82.7” (210.06 cm) H with a base of 47” (119.38 cm) L x 47” (119.38 cm) W. Weight: 5.5lbs (2.5 kg).

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Green Elephant Pop-Up Utilitent on Amazon

This product is a quality-made and practical camping shower tent. Bringing the comforts of home, however small, into the great outdoors! Easily one of the best products to keep you comfortable while camping.

The Green Elephant has created the Swiss Army Knife of camping shower tents! This easy to use tent offers the typical privacy and shower opening, but also provides well-thought-out accessories including a toilet paper holder, towel holder, rain cover, flash light hook, clothes hanger, storage pouch for personal items, and even a carrying bag.

The Green Elephant camping shower tent also includes lines with tensioners and sandbags to properly secure the camping shower tent in all weather and terrain. You can also enjoy a dry place to change or use the bathroom with the rain cover that easily attaches to the top.

Best Camping Shower Tents


  • Many useful accessories
  • Easy setup and tear down
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality material


  • Price higher-end for camping shower tent
  • Tear down instructions not included

What Buyers Like

Consumers like the quality of this camping shower tent and find all the accessories useful. Many buyers also rave about the customer service from Green Elephant, stating any problem they had was quickly dealt with via refund or product replacement. So many customers loved how tall it was and how easy it was for them get in and out of it!

The vast majority of consumers found it easy to set up as well as very easy to tear-down, making this camping shower tent a very convenient option. Reviewers also loved how STURDY and well made this product was! All in all, well worth the purchase price!

Final Verdict

The final verdict on this camping shower tent is that it would be worth the money to have a quality product that has your bases covered when you need privacy while enjoying outdoor activities. It boasts several comforts of home while being versatile and convenient. Doubled with one of the best tents for your family, this camping shower tent will make your camping experience really glamorous!

The Green Elephant Pop-up Utilitent is a great option for those who like to camp with STYLE! Glamping made private and fabulous, but not recommended for those who like to be a little more rugged! We highly recommend this tent because of its convenience, quality, and all the thoughtful perks!

Best Camping Shower Tents


Campla Portable Outdoor Shelter with Carrying Bag – Best for Affordability


Weight is 4.4 lbs (2 kg) Materials include :  Nylon Polyester, steel.

Dimensions while open: 74.80 “ (190.5 cm) H  x 47.24” (119.38 cm) W x 47.24” (119.38 cm) L.

Dimensions when folded: 24” (60.96 cm) diameter x 1.4” (3.56 cm) H. Items included are 1 Carrying bag, 1 Tent, 1 Rainfly, 1 Bottom mat, 4 stakes.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Campla Pop Up Shower Tent on Amazon

Firstly, this is a bargain price for all the uses you can get out of this Campla Pop up tent. Great for going to the beach, camping, dressing rooms, indoor use and outdoor use, in any event, it’s ready!

Secondly, the Campla comes preassembled and instantly pops up to create the ideal changing room, shower, or bathroom. With a special fabric, coated to block harmful UV rays, this product will help you maintain your privacy while out in nature!

The UV ray blocking is great if you’re an outdoorsy type in sunny areas like the Florida Keys! It is also made with flexible steel, nylon polyester, and water-repellant taffeta. This pop up shower is ready for anything.

Thirdly, this camping shower tent comes with a towel hanger, a built-in hanging storage bag on the wall, a mesh roof for ventilation, and easy storage. No matter what the occasion, the Campla is a durable, well-built, and affordable shower tent.

Best Camping Shower Tents


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Pop Up


  • May need extra weights to hold it down in rough weather
  • A little confusing to fold back up

What Buyers Like

Most reviewers for this product were incredibly happy with not only the price for the quality, but the ease with which they could create a changing area/shower! While other customers were satisfied with how well the Campla stood up to rain and weather.

A few customers even loved it so much while camping, the decided to use it for tailgating! A great way to get the most out of this camping shower tent!

Final Verdict

All in all, this is a great product, with lots of reasonable uses, for very little money. We recommend the Campla for your camping shower tent because of the durable fabric, the ease for set up, and the privacy! Though it can be a little difficult to put back in its bag, this product can be easily stored in your car, a satchel, or a small bag!

This camping shower tent is great for people who want the feel of the outdoors, but don’t want their business outdoors! All things considered, good for first time campers who don’t want to spend a fortune on privacy at the camp site!

Best Camping Shower Tents


Ridge Outdoor Gear 6.5ft Pop Up Changing Shower Privacy Tent – Best for Spaciousness!


Made from waterproof 190T nylon. Tent Accessories Included: the XL tall size, floor mat, rain fly, shower hole, XL window, and/or sand bags. Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.49 kg) Dimensions Open: 47″ (119.38 cm) W x 47″ (119.38 cm) L x 79″ (200.66 cm) H. Dimensions Closed: 25″ (63.5 cm) x 2″ (5.08 cm). Included with purchase are: 1 tent, 1 carry bag, 8 metal stakes, 1 rainfly, 1 floor mat, as well as 4 sandbags for weights with tie lines.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Ridge Outdoor Gear 6.5Ft Pop Up Changing Shower Tent on Amazon

The Ridge Outdoor pop up changing shower privacy tent is an excellent example of how quality craftsmanship can make, and also break a product. Made entirely in the USA, this durable, not to mention well-made shower tent, is great for any event. Camping, tailgating, indoor/outdoor changing room, whatever the purpose, the ridge outdoor gear rises to the challenge.

At over 6 feet tall (198.12 cm), this camping shower tent is great for people of all shapes and heights. There is an XL window for ventilation, a shower head compatible top, an inner pocket, towel/clothes holder, toilet paper holder, lamp hook, and also a mesh top included with this product! By and Large, a great addition to anyone’s camping experience!

No matter if your hiking in the French Alps, or camping at a local park, this is a great purchase for anyone adding to their camping collection! To summarize, great gear at a great price!

Best Camping Shower Tents


  • Height great for all Sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Not see-through
  • Easy set up
  • Great customer service
  • Windows as well as mesh top provide ventilation


  • Not simple to put back down (video provided on website to help)
  • Not great with harsh weather

What Buyers Like

The reviews for this camping shower tent are overwhelmingly helpful and filled with constructive and positive feedback. The majority of comments discussed how easily the Ridge Outdoor set itself up. Not to mention, how excellent the fabric was for privacy.

Along those lines, customers also loved how breathable the mesh ceiling is, and the added windows in this product. Great ventilation for showering, as well as changing on a hot summer day! All in all, most customers were extremely satisfied with their purchase and with the amazing customer service!

Final Verdict

The Ridge Outdoor is one of the tallest and one of the most spacious camping shower tents available right now. Moreover, it provides ample room and accessories to provide campers with an upscale camping experience at a reasonable cost. This product is great for people who are taller, or for the most part, simply want more room to shower or change. Maybe not the best for campers, beach goers, who camp in extreme conditions, as the product isn’t suggested for use in heavy rain, or winds!

This camping shower tent makes our top three for the great accessories included, the prices, the ease of set up, as well as the quality of the product. All in all, a fantastic addition to your camping sets!

Best Camping Shower Tents


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Camping Shower Tent Buyer’s Guide

Since camping shower tents are available in a plethora of sizes, designs, and styles, all offered at different price points, choosing the right shower tent for your needs takes careful consideration.

To make the most out of your new portable camp shower, make sure the model you choose meets the following criteria.

Ample Dimensions

If you’ve ever showered under a shower too short for your frame, you know how uncomfortable and exhausting the experience is. Checking the center height before you order a shower will ensure this won’t be your experience every time you have to take a shower in the great outdoors.

In addition to the height, the camping shower tent should be large enough to not feel cramped in. Not only should you fit in comfortably, but you should have enough allowance to move your arms freely.


A shower tent is one more thing to pack and bring along on your camping trips. While it’s bound to make your adventures way more enjoyable, it shouldn’t be too much hassle to bring along.

It should be lightweight and fold down into a compact package. For car camping adventures, you can pack a large shower that’s equipped with a high-capacity reservoir. If you will be backpacking or hiking, choose an effective shower tent that you can carry comfortably on your back.

Strong Materials

Due to the intended use, a camping shower tent should be made of an abrasion and water resistant material. It should also shield you from harmful UV rays as you take your shower in the open.

In line with this, most camping shower tents are made of ripstop nylon and polyester. These materials are lightweight, water resistant, quick drying, and durable enough for outdoor use with exposure to harsh elements.

The frame should be strong enough to bear the weight of the reservoir without buckling or breaking and keep the shower tent stable in the face of heavy winds. Stainless steel poles ensure the entire structure is sturdy.

Storage Capacity

The larger and heavier a camping shower tent is, the higher the water holding capacity. When going glamping or car camping, choose a portable shower with a high capacity reservoir to serve everybody.

If you’re hiking or backpacking solo, a small shower tent with a small water reservoir will suffice and it won’t weigh you down on the trails.

Ease of Setup

A shower tent with a simple setup and takedown procedure is ideal. A camping shower tent with a complicated and time-consuming assembly can make showering a dreadful task you would rather skip. A quick and easy setup allows you to enjoy a shower when you need it most.

To avoid disappointments, find out whether the tent you’re considering is easy to use. Camp shower tents utilize a popup setup mechanism to provide the easiest setup experience. Still, the poles should be fixed to the ground in order for the shower tent to withstand heavy winds.


The point of carrying a shower tent is to take a shower in privacy while in the great outdoors.

To accomplish this purpose, the tent shower material should be opaque or translucent. Different showers also utilize different methods for privacy ranging from zipper licks to curtains.


A camping shower tent should provide privacy while still allowing airflow. Otherwise, steam can build up and the inside of the can become suffocating. Look for mesh opening at the top or mesh windows on the back. These allow air circulation, keep the camping shower tent fresh, and keep bad odors at bay.


Choosing the right design for your needs is crucial to getting the most out of your shower tent. For example, a large shower head is essential to enjoy maximum water flow and a thick water hose provides a tangle-free experience.

As for the floor design, it should be tough enough to resist puncturing when set up on rough grounds. It should also be water resistant but have an effective drainage system that will let out water.

Camp showers can have a fixed or removable flood design. A fixed flood design offers excellent protection from bugs but at the expense of drainage efficiency.

With a removable floor design, on the other hand, drainage and ease of use are excellent but the opening at the bottom can let in mosquitoes and other bugs.

Handy Features

A shower tent equipped with features like towel bars or lines,
hooks, shelves, or pockets for toiletries is definitely preferable.

These features allow you to keep everything you need within easy
reach. This is way better than having to keep your shower
essentials on the floor.

However, these features shouldn’t make the shower tent too
bulky. Look for a shower tent that strikes the right balance
between features and portability.

Type Of Camping Showers

There are different types of camping shower tents based on how they are powered: vehicle fitted, battery powered, solar powered and propane camp shower tents.

  • Propane camp showers utilize propane fuel to heat the water. They provide access to hot water whenever and wherever you need it. On the downside, you have to bring along some propane fuel canisters.
  • Vehicle fitted camp showers use the vehicle’s battery as the source of power to provide pressurized hot water. A very convenient option for car campers but it’s costly to set up.
  • Solar camping showers harness solar power to heat up the water stored in a reservoir. Compact and lightweight, easy to setup, and affordable, they make great hiking and backpacking shower tents.
  • Battery-powered shower camp tents run off powerful batteries. All you have to do is replace the batteries once they run out of juice.


If you’re an avid camper, it’s smart to prioritize quality over price. A high quality camping shower can serve you for years to come, and is thus the best value for money.

If you only go camping occasionally, an affordable camping
shower tent will do. Solar-powered shower tents are the least
expensive while the propane and vehicle fitted options are the
more expensive camping shower tents.

Best Camping Shower Tents for Your Camping Needs

When it comes to camping, camping shower tents are a luxury that keeps your privacy private while still enjoying the outdoors. Not to mention, it makes it super simple to change out of those muddy hiking clothes, or sea salt bathing suits in the company of your friends and family!

Whether you’re looking for something stylish and high-end, need something with a little more room, or simply want something super affordable, our top three list has exactly what you want in a camping shower tent!

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