15 Facts About Passports That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

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People all over the world choose to get a passport. Click here for some new thoughts about passports that will really blow your mind.

Today, getting a passport has become a thoughtless routine for an American. Over 42% of the population now holds a passport.  

While a passport seems only like a harmless form of identity, it’s a symbol of many things. It can be a symbol of the rich, a symbol of distrust, a symbol of turmoil, and a symbol of privilege among others. You may not notice these things, but it’s clear when you think about it.

How so? Read our thoughts about passports that would blow your mind and let us hear yours, too.

  1. We Didn’t Need a Passport Back Then

Go back a few decades and nobody had thoughts about passports. They didn’t even exist.

Didn’t Need a Passport Back in the past

Borders were more open back then; cross-border travel didn’t need any form of a passport. Immigration was even welcome because it helped fill labor shortages. Not to mention Americans weren’t too keen on the idea of a national ID.

  1. Were Passports a Symbol of Eroding Trust?

Many were against passports when the government first established them. To them, it was a sign that the government and citizens are losing trust in each other. 

Makes you think if it’s any different today, doesn’t it?

  1. Why Do You Need a Passport Anyway?

Today, having a passport means you’re free to go anywhere (you’re allowed to). It means you pass the requirements to go out of your country. It can also serve as proof that you’re a citizen of that country.

However, it’s still up to the destination country to refuse entry, no matter what document you’re holding.

  1. World War I Brought Upon This Restriction

WW1 and passports

World War I was the reason why governments had to issue passports. It was a “temporary” war measure to restrict the coming and goings of people across borders.

  1. Does That Mean a Peaceful Earth Doesn’t Need Passports?

If there were no threats to security and all the countries are in a good place, does that mean people would be free to go anywhere? In that world, would borders still require passports and visas?

  1. Should You Get One Now?

If you can, you should get a passport right now. They can serve as identification and if you need one for traveling overseas, you’ll have it ready.

The quickest you can get a passport is around eight business days, and that’s if no issues arise. To be sure you’re always ready for a business trip or an out-of-the-country vacation, get one now.

  1. American Passports Have Access to Over 170 Countries

Did you know that with an American passport, you can go to over 170 countries without the need of a visa? This means you can pack up your bags right this minute, book a flight to one of those countries, and they’ll let you in with your passport.

USA Passports can travel to more than 170 countries

You can go to Europe, then travel to Thailand, then go to the Bahamas, and then to Japan before coming back to the United States.

  1. It Comes with a Price

A passport cost is around $140, which is equal to 19 hours’ worth of work at minimum wage. That’s much higher than the passport prices in other first world countries.

In Sweden, citizens can get a passport with only an hour of work. And that passport can give Swedish citizens access to 185 countries without a visa.

Getting a passport can cost even more if you have it expedited. Check out this helpful guide to learn more.

  1. They’re Not the Most Powerful, Too

The top three most powerful passports aren’t anywhere near North America, though. Japan and Singapore passport holders have access to 189 countries. There are also not so powerful passports.

South Korea is a close second, having a passport that has access to 187 jurisdictions. It stands equal with Germany and Finland. 

  1. Passports Are a Status Symbol

Did you know that some people consider a passport as a status symbol? According to the same article above, people used to frame passports. It’s rare because there was no real need for it, which means high authorities used to be the only ones who have it.

Today, some people still regard it as a status symbol, like iPhones and gym memberships, because having one means you intend to go overseas. Not to mention that it takes 19 hours of minimum wage work to get one.

  1. Foreign Passports Are Becoming More Popular, Though

A real status symbol for the rich, though, are foreign passports. They are spending up to $200,000 to get one, not only because of the perks but also because of the boost in status.

Passports from other countries

A foreign passport means they have a property, a huge investment, or significant donations to the country of origin. This allowed them to gain citizenship and along with it, the basic rights of citizens in that country. Getting a passport is one of them. 

  1. Still, There’s Only One Person Who Can Afford Not to Have a Passport

No matter how many passports they collect, even the ultra-rich can’t afford to have no passport. There’s only one person on Earth who can travel across borders with no passport – and that’s the queen. Everyone else, even her sons, still require a passport.

  1. The British Were the First to Have Passport-Like Documents 

That’s not the only thing interesting about the British monarchy. Did you know that King Henry V was the first to issue documents that allowed his subjects to prove their identity while traveling across borders? That was the first concept of passports.

  1. iPhone and Passports – Thoughts?

Getting back to the iPhone topic, though, the time has come for a more modern passport. With iOS 13, iPhone owners will be able to load their passports onto their smartphones. This will allow them to use their phones as a form of identity.

This wouldn’t replace the passports’ function in cross-border travels, though. Also check out these travel apps for more easier travel.

  1. Is Having a Passport Xenophobic?

In a world where people are advocating for inclusion, some are wondering if a passport is xenophobic. In a way, it excludes other nationals. It encourages people to keep to themselves, to their nationality listed in their passports. 

Some people don’t agree, though, but what do you think?

Tell Us Your Thoughts About Passports

Passports look harmless, but if you put more thought into it, they hold many symbolisms. After knowing these facts, why don’t you tell us your thoughts about passports? 

Don’t stop discovering new things here! If you want to learn more, read our other guides today.


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