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One Week in New Zealand: What to See and Do?

One Week in New Zealand: What to See and Do? Leave a comment
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Did you know that 80 million people are thinking of taking a trip to New Zealand? Tourists flock to this amazing country to see stunning sights, learn about the culture, eat delicious food, and make tons of awesome memories together. 

One week in New Zealand is plenty of time to explore this beautiful and breathtaking country with your travel buddies. 

If you’re debating a trip to this marvelous country, then what are you waiting for?

Keep reading for our guide to what you should see and do if you’re planning to spend one week in New Zealand. 

Visit a Museum

When traveling to a new place you should always try to visit at least one museum. New Zealand has plenty for you to choose from.

One of the most famous and noteworthy is the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, where you can learn all about the Maritime history of New Zealand. 

When visiting you should take one of their guided tours, which can be booked in advance or when you arrive. You can even set sail with them on one of their interactive voyages. Kids can hoist the sails, wind the ropes, and they might even get the chance to steer the ship.  

Go on a Cruise

The TSS Earnslaw Cruise is a cole fueled steamship that was built back in 1912. You can spend a peaceful afternoon as you cruise across Lake Wakatipu on this marvelous steamship. Your cruise will also be accompanied by a barbeque lunch. 

The cruise will begin and end at Walter Peak High Country Farm, meaning you can spend some time with the farm animals as well. There is a farmyard walking tour so you can meet all of the alpacas, sheep, red deer, and cattle. 

Experience Some Nightlife


New Zealand in a week can get a bit crazy so why not go all out and experience some nightlife? If you ask any New Zealand locals they will tell you to head to Wellington for the best night out. 

You will find a decent mixture of nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and pubs along Cuba Street in Wellington. The best part about going out is that you will also be able to find some cheap food to eat after getting a few drinks. 

Water Sports

Another huge thing to do in New Zealand is water sports! Whether you like to fish, kayak, sail, or parasail, you can head out to New Zealand’s largest lake to have some fun. 

Lake Taupo pretty much sits in the middle of the North Island and is breathtakingly stunning. You will want to spend an entire day or two out on the lake. 

Spending One Week in New Zealand

If you’re planning to spend one week in New Zealand, you’ll be sure to find tons of awesome and adventurous things to fill your time. Make sure to do your research so you can find some great deals before going on your trip. 

Traveling to New Zealand will be a trip that you never forget. You’ll definitely want to go back for more.

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