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10 Travel Hacks to Save Money On Your Next Adventure

For those of us who are nomadic at heart, we learn quickly that there’s a right and a wrong way to travel.Traveling the wrong way can cost you double or even triple the amount of money you would pay traveling the right way.  But what’s the right way? How do you save money in a […]

15 Facts About Passports That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

People all over the world choose to get a passport. Click here for some new thoughts about passports that will really blow your mind. Today, getting a passport has become a thoughtless routine for an American. Over 42% of the population now holds a passport.   While a passport seems only like a harmless form of […]

6 Long Term Travelling Tips You Need to Know Before Leaving Home

When it comes to long term travel there are many mistakes that can be made by newbie travellers.  You can take too many items, too little, stay in the wrong places, take the wrong kind of clothing and so much more. Over the last 5 years, I have travelled to Italy, Spain, Greece, Thailand and […]

4 Great Adventure Vacation Ideas

There are countless different types of vacations out there just waiting for you. For some, simply heading to a city and seeing all the sites is enough. Others like to take a road trip and see as many sites as they can. For the daring out there, there are adventure vacations where thrill and exploration […]

Best 5 Trekking Spots in Nepal

With its stony hills, contrasting green forests, and awe-inspiring mountains towering over secluded villages with ancient roots and culture, Nepal is just a trek wonderland, while it offers some unforgettable experiences. The routes are so many, each prettier than the next, that having to choose can be almost overwhelming. There are a few regions, however, […]

10 Tips for Your First Wildlife Holiday

Experiences with nature and animals can be both educational and thrilling! And the Blue planet is rich with locations and spots for wildlife holidays where one can escape to for an uplifting wildlife vacation. Millions of people plan a wildlife holiday every year to those far off destinations to see animals in their natural habitat. […]

How to Choose an Ethical Alternative to Elephant Riding

A huge part of tourism in many Asian countries is elephant riding. Nothing beats the excitement of riding on top of the world’s largest land mammal while taking a breathtaking view at the horizon. But as thrilling as this leisurely ride sounds, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. A large number of animal […]

Top 8 Beaches In Vietnam

Are you planning to travel to Vietnam? If yes, then you can’t miss out on the coolest beaches in the country. These beaches in Vietnam are filled with life from both tourists and local residents who need to get a release from the urban life. With the Vietnam coastline covering an approximation of 2000 miles, […]

How to Save Money During a Solo Trip to Singapore

Singapore is the most expensive city in the world to live in (Forbes), and it’s not cheap for travellers either. Therefore, to enjoy its many wonders to the fullest, you need to build up a good cash pool for your trip. The good news is that your budget doesn’t have to be too big if […]

How to make the most out of your solo travel

Today, the opportunities for travel are endless- from lavish cruises to backpacking adventures, there are countless of offers travellers can choose from to satisfy their need for exploration. Solo traveling has become an increasingly popular trend- statistics reveal that there has been a 143% increase in ‘solo travel’ online searches over the past 3 years. […]

How To Plan For Long-Term Travels

So, you want to take off on an adventure but you may be worried about how to plan for long-term travels. There are a lot of things to think about and get ready before you go. But with some careful planning, it can go smoothly and you will be ready and able to start your […]

Magical towns in Mexico You have to Visit

Mexico is full of magic wherever you turn. From its beaches and wildlife to its breathtaking vistas to the world-class dining experiences you’’ll have stopping in at any local cantina, there’s a lot of beauty and wonder to take in. Travellers who aren’t as familiar with the dazzling sights and sounds of Mexico. They are […]