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Lake District a relaxing atmosphere

Written by ed

The Summer Solstice: How to Spend it in The Lake District

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While there are dozens of places around the UK to celebrate the summer solstice, it could be argued that none of them quite a stunning of a setting as The Lake District. With...

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brighton English seaside towns

Written by Tara Bruton

English Seaside Towns you Must Visit this Summer

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English seaside towns are often imagined as the idyllic Victorian era promenades, candy floss and donkey rides. Whilst some things have changed nowadays you may be able to get...

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Birminghams Best Attractions

Written by Tara Bruton

Birmingham’s Best Attractions: Top Things To Do In The City

Europe, UK| Views: 551

As England’s second city, Birmingham can often be overlooked because London has so much to offer. Known for its industrial past, this city has gone through years of...

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