Top Travel Blogs : 76 Bloggers Share Their Favorites

Top Travel Blogs : 76 Bloggers Share Their Favorites 10 Comments

Tim Baker is a travel junkie. He is really addicted to travelling and loves writing about his experiences and travel guides. When he is not travelling he is either writing his travel guides or enjoys playing tennis

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A lot of people may have dreams of traveling to exotic destinations and beautiful places, but become hesitant due to many factors. Here are some of the reasons why people are afraid to travel:

  • Cost: Going to another country may incur sky-high expenses, leaving you with empty pockets and credit card payment dues when you return home.
  • Unfamiliarity with language: The difficulty in understanding the language of your destination country may leave you either shortchanged, lost, and in danger.
  • Safety: Being in a foreign country – or even an undiscovered neighboring town – may be dangerous for visitors, especially if they aren’t familiar with local culture.

Although a number of cases may confirm the truth of these fears, these are just few and far between. In a general perspective, there’s really nothing to be afraid of in going to some place outside your home. For one, people of this generation are more interconnected with each other – especially with the rise of social media – and the tourism industry has become a lot more welcoming and affordable.

Besides, are you really going to miss out on what the world has to offer for travelers? Here are some of the best reasons why you should start packing for your next holiday:

  • Food: Who doesn’t like to try out a different kind of cuisine?
  • Views: Some of the places outside your home city may have astoundingly spectacular landscapes waiting to be discovered.
  • Culture: Get to know more about how other people live their lives in their local setting.

If you want to maximize your next trip, we’ve got you covered! We asked 76 travel bloggers about their favorite travel blogs. Here is a roundup of their responses:

Top Travel Blogs (as voted by 76 travel bloggers):

#1: Legalnomads – 7 votes

#2: Everywhereist – 6 votes

#3: Expertvagabond, Theblondeabroad, Theplanetd, Nomadicmatt, ThisbatteredsuitcaseWorldofwanderlust and Youngadventuress –  tied with 5 votes each

#4: Uncorneredmarket and Alexinwanderland – 4 votes

#5: Alittleadrift, Floratheexplorer, Thetravelhack, Bemytravelmuse, Bordersofadventure and Candaceroserardon – tied with 3 votes each

#6: Almostfearless, Landlopers, Monkeysandmountains, Roadsandkingdoms, Velvetescape, Vickyflipfloptravels, Wonderfulwanderings, Camelsandchocolate, Findingtheuniverse, Heatheronhertravels, Hecktictravels, Insidethetravellab, Nomad Revelations, Neverendingvoyage, Nomadasaurus, Oneikathetraveller, Ottsworld, Timetravelturtle, Wanderingearl, YtravelblogHeartmybackpackThepointsguyThetravelbite and Migrationology  – tied with 2 votes each

#7: 8Milesfromhome, Angieaway, Annaeverywhere, Blondebrunettetravel, Bridgesandballoons, Budgettraveller, Chinaslostpanda, Cumbrianrambler, Dukestewartwrites, Expatedna, Globeguide, Globetrottingstiletto, Handluggageonly, Hannah, Ilefthome, Iwilltravelblog, Johnnyvagabond, Journalistontherun, Lajollamom, Leaveyourdailyhell, Malloryontravel, Manonthelam, Mel365, Pitstopsforkids, Pizzainmotion, Solotravelerblog, TaylorheartstravelThisismyhappiness, Tipsforfamilytrips, Travelbabbo, Travellingclaus, Travelsofadam, Travelwithbender, Vagabond3, Vagabrothers, Viewfromthewing, Wanderthemap, Wheelingit.Us, Wildabouttravel, Abritandabroad, Adventuresofalondonkiwi, Aroundtheworldin80Pairsofshoes, Boomeresque, Brendansadventures, Creativelena, Danflyingsolo, Diningtraveler, Foodtravelist, Goingsomewhereslowly, Gonewiththewynns, Heleninwonderlust, Hikebiketravel, Jodyrobbins, Justonewayticket, Kenkaminesky, Lilistravelplans, Livedogrow, Lolaakinmade, Marcosdetourist, Mccooltravel, Mrscotteddy, Myfeetaremeanttoroam, Nomadic-Habit, Psychotraveller, Sarepa, Silverspoonlondon, Stuckincustoms, Teacaketravels, Theadventurejunkies, Thebrokebackpacker, Thedropoutdiaries, Thervgeeks, Thetravelcamel, Thetraveltart, Travel-Break, Tuulavintage, Wanderingwagars, Wanderlustchloe, Wanderlustliving, Bananaskinflipflops, Foxnomad, Thecoolhunter, PrayersandpiazzasTheworldbythebrunette, Minorsights, WhereistaraOnemileatatimeMillionmilesecrets, SecretflyingAdventurouskate, GoatsontheroadJustapack, DontforgettomoveMidliferoadtrip, Happytowander, Thetongueinchic, DepartmentofwanderingThetravelersbuddyBrittneys, Drei-Blick and Seychellesadventure – tied with 1 vote each

Here are the responses of each blogger, and why they like their chosen travel blogs:

johnny-wardJohnny Ward – One Step 4 Ward

I’m not an avid reader of blogs actually, as it seems lots of people seem to go to the same places as everyone else on repeat (Chiang Mai, Australia, Western Europe), all amazing regions, with awesome things to see, but there’s only so many “Coffee shops in Chiang Mai” or “Best beaches in Australia” posts that I can read! In that respect, I really like, Matt creates cool content, and he really travels and does cool things. Janet from is great too, it’s nice to see women really traveling, and not just maintaining the standard status quo of travel bloggers, she’s a great writer too! Finally, I’d say Mark from, he’s a great guy, knows his niche and nails it regularly. Those 3 are authentic, professional and interesting. Great blogs!

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zoe-dawesZoë Dawes – The Quirky Traveller for travel to far-flung places, fantastic photography and a unique viewpoint. for a tasty mix of outdoor activities, culture and foodie articles. for a personal view of Cumbria and the Lake District.


macca-sherifiMacca Sherifi – A Brit and a Broad

Chloe Gunning – – great travel resource for everything from budget to luxury, from solo travel to group trips. Chloe’s professionalism really sets her apart from others.

Brenna Holeman – – Brenna is easily one of the best story tellers out there and often she writes about things most of us wouldn’t dare to. Incredibly personal and relatable.

Flora Baker – – Again, Flora is one of the best story tellers out there being recently featured in the National Geographic.

Macca, the Brit from A Brit and a Broad, is a creative producer and presenter who has travelled to over 70 countries across six continents. 

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carolin-josh-eatonCaroline and Josh Eaton – Traveling 9 to 5

Our favorite blogs are:  Almost Fearless, View From The WingNever Ending Voyage & Landlopers.

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dave-debDave and Deb – The Planet D

Our favourite 3 blogs that we have followed for a long time are;
Finding the Universe:


Dave and Deb are well-known travel personalities in both online and mainstream media. 

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laurel-robbinsLaurel Robbins – Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel

I’m a big fan of Leigh’s Hike Bike Travel for outdoor inspiration and ideas in Canada,  (http:/

Simon’s Wild About Travel for her photography and insightful storytelling (

Sofie’s Wonderful Wanderings for culture and city breaks (

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frankie-thompsonFrankie Thompson – As the Bird Flies

Flora The Explorer for her poetic narratives and mindful way of seeing the world.

The Travel Hack for her packing tips and for testing out lots of baby gear so I know what to get or what to avoid when travelling with my little boy.

Inside The Travel Lab for brilliant writing about and gorgeous photos of luxury destinations I long to visit.

Frankie Thompson is a British blogger and author based in Amsterdam. 

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matt-gibsonMatt Gibson –  Xpat Matt

My favorite travel blogs are:

Matt Gibson is the Inbound President of theProfessional Travel Bloggers Association.

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rainRain Campanilla – Words and Wanderlust

My favourite travel blogs are

Rain Campanilla is the chief storyteller and photographer of words and wanderlust. 

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Chris and Cherie – Technomadia

Our three top favorite travel blogs, are, without a doubt:

All awesome fellow full time travelers like ourselves who put out consistently super helpful and inspiring content.

Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy have been perpetual travelers since 2006, currently roaming the US in a high tech vintage bus conversion.

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susan-shainSusan Shain –

Three of my favorite travel blogs are A Little Adrift, The Everywhereist, and The Great Affair.

Writer and traveler.

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Nienke Krook – The Travel Tester

CreativElena –
The place to go to for all lovers of creative and cultural travel (by Elena Paschinger)

Monkeys and Mountains –
The ultimate guide to active holidays (by Laurel Robbins)

Wonderful Wanderings –
From Belgium to the rest of the world, here you find great tips on what to see, do and eat everywhere! (by Sofie Couwenbergh)

Nienke Krook is a former school teacher from the Netherlands, currently living in London and working fulltime in the blogging industry. 

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caroline-eubanksCaroline Eubanks – Caroline in the City

My favorite blogs are;
This Battered Suitcase
Camels & Chocolate
Flora the Explorer

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Jo Fitzsimons – Indiana Jo

My favourite travel blogs are: – I’ve got an eye on visiting Africa and Helen in Wonderlust is packed with real, local tips. – so many blogs are routine – this is quite the opposite. If I’m ever looking for something curious to do, I can find it here. – if there were more travelers like the bloggers behind Uncornered Market, who are so mindful and culturally empathetic, tourism would be in a much better state.

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anna-phippsAnna Phipps – Global Gallivanting

It’s so hard to choose as there are so many great blogs but the kind of things that I love to read about are off beat and adventurous places and one of my favourite blogs is Nomadasaurus – the tales of Lesh and Jazza, an Australian couple who get up to all sorts of adventurous including some pretty epic overlanding trips.

I also really love reading about feisty solo female travellers and love reading about the adventures of Alice at Teacake Travels Alice has loads of tips on funding your travels through teaching English abroad and tips for solo female travellers in some more unusual destinations – I especially loved reading about her solo trip to Bangladesh.

I also love reading about Joao Leitao’s adventures on his blog Nomadic Revelations There isn’t much Joao hasn’t done from attending a triple Berber marriage in the Sahara Desert to exploring Antarctica to living with tribes in the Amazon and loads of epic road trips and crazy rallies through less travelled countries. His blog makes a fascinating read.

Anna Phipps is a travel writer and blogger from the UK who quit her job in 2012 for a life on adventure, fell in love with India and is now based in Goa.

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brenna-holemanBrenna Holeman – This Battered Suitcase

3 of my favourite travel blogs are: Oneika the TravellerExpat EdnaBe My Travel Muse.

When she’s not travelling, Brenna’s writing about it, either for her blog, her job, or her book. 

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colleen_laninColleen Lanin – Travel Mamas

Colleen Lanin, Founder/Editor of and Author of “The Travel Mamas’ Guide: How to Vacation with Babies and Children…and Stay Sane!

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maria-belfortMaria Belfort – One Tiny Leap

It’s a tricky question, but I guess my top three travel blogs would be Travel BabboNomadic Habit and Migrationologist.

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keith-jenkinsKeith Jenkins – Velvet Escape

My three favourite blogs are:

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Dan and Audrey at the Equator in UgandaDan and Audrey – Uncornered Market

Legal Nomads – Jodi also has fabulous resource pages for travelers and digital nomads.

A Little Adrift – In addition to this blog, Shannon also runs Grassroots Volunteering with great social enterprise and volunteering resources.

The Great Affair – Not only is Candace a great writer, but her watercolors and sketches are wonderful.

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the husband-and-wife storytelling team behind the award-winning travel blog Uncornered Market.

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leigh-mcadamLeigh McAdam – HikeBikeTravel

My favourite travel blog is Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel Blog – interesting places she visits with lots of adventure.

Hecktic Travels is another great blog. They won the National Geographic Traveler of the Year award a few year’s back – and do an amazing job covering off the housesitting market around the world –

Travels with Baggage is another favourite – part lifestyle, part travel – and always with an edge and a dash of humour –

“Your destination for outdoors and adventure.”

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melvin-profile-picMelvin Boecher – Travel Dudes

My 3 favorite travel blogs are;

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becki-enrightBecki Enright – Borders of Adventure

Mine are Uncornered MarketTime Travel TurtleGeotraveler’s Niche.

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robRob – Stop Having a Boring Life

I like, and

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Gary Arndt – Everything Everywhere

My favorite travel blogs are A Little AdriftLegal NomadsBorders of Adventure.

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megan-mikeMegan and Mike – Mapping Megan – Jenna and Micah have spectacular photograph and amazing videos. – Will is a fantastic storyteller adventurer and vagabond. His adventures and escapades take him to far flung corners of the globe. – Shane Dallas has amazing photography, and travels to countries where others won’t tread. He takes in countries that others perceive to be dangerous, and comes back with stunning photography which gives us an insight into the authentic lives of remote communities.

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kristin-addisKristin Addis –  Bemy Travel Muse

I really like,, and

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nick-whartonNick & Dariece – Goats on the Road

Never-ending Voyage for their awesome digital nomad content and great posts on costs of living in different places. I particularly like when they show what their apartments look like in each town.

Be My Travel Muse because she’s extremely well written, adventurous and inspiring.

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ryanRyan Gargiulo – Pause the Moment

The Blonde Abroad (
Expert Vagabond (
Just One Way Ticket (

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laurenceLaurence and Jessica – Finding the Universe

They would be:

Laurence and Jessica Norah are the British-American travel blogging couple.

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barbara-weibelBarbara Weibel – Hole In The Donut

Heather on her TravelsOttsworldFoxnomad.

Barbara Weibel from Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel.

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keryn-meansKeryn Means – Walking On Travels

Three of my favorite travel blog sites are: (Jenna Francisco) (Andrea Fellman) (Amy Whitley)

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simon-falvoSimon Falvo – Wild About Travel

Time Travel Turtle – Beautiful photos, interesting stories and a great narrative, it’s always a pleasure for me reading Michael.

Uncornered Market – One of the most inpiring travel blogs, where every journey has a purpose and every story a wider meaning.

Hecktic Travels – I always enjoy their stories but it’s the photos that make me instantly dream and wish I could jump on the first plane.

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elaineElaine Masters – Trip Wellness  A relatively new blog with great writing and insight by a friend who ditched everything to become an expat in the Seychelles!
Traveling Claus is a true original. Always enjoy reading of his budget adventures.
Another original is Liesbeth with…

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briannaBrianna Jellerson Simmons – Casual Travelist

It’s definitely hard to narrow down my favorites but I love and

Brianna Simmons is a Virginia Beach based blogger at the Casual Travelist. 

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jemmaJema Patterson – Half The Clothes

My three favorite travel blogs are:
Wandering Earl
My Feet Are Meant to Roam
I Left Home

They’re all authentic travelers aware of their impact focusing on super engaged travel.

Jema Patterson writes about free-travel hacks and her global blunders at

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heatherHeather Hopkins – Art Travel Eat Repeat

My favorite blogs are:
Oneika the Traveller:
This Battered Suitcase:
Young Adventuress:

Travel Writer, Graphic Designer, Online Content Creator.

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coryCory Calcea – You Could Travel

Nomadic MattThe Blonde AbroadThe Planet D.

Cory is the founder of You Could Travel, a blog geared towards adventure seekers and Japan lovers.

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anneliese-delgadoAnneliese Delgado – Abroad in Colombia

My three favorite travel blogs in no particular order:
Sarepa –
Banana Skin Flip Flops –
I Will Travel –

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charles-mccoolCharles McCool – McCool Travel

Pizza in Motion is one of my favorites. Unlike most (or all) of the other points blogs, Ed is not constantly shilling credit card offers as the latest, greatest, must have card to get. He lists current travel deals, points opportunities, his own trip reports (enough donut pictures, JK), and more.

Blonde Brunette Travel is fun to read. Yes, these sisters seem to always be somewhere (jealous) but they are playfully informative and I love that.

Duke Stewart Writes is a new favorite. His writing is sincere and thoughtful, and the photography is appealing.

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miguelMiguel – Travelsauro

The Adventure Junkies –
TheplanetD –
Nomad Revelations –

Those are great adventure travel blogs. 🙂

.Hi, I’m Miguel, adventure traveler, diver and hiking lover. I have been traveling the world for the last five years, always trying to explore and hike some of the most remote regions.

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jolene-andrzejJolene and AndrzejWanderlust Storytellers

World Of Wanderlust – Brooke and her inspiring story of her travelling lifestyle is what encouraged us to change our own patterns of living from a pretty routine work oriented life to one of part time travel!  We bought her book and decided to start following our own dream.

The Blonde Abroad – Kiersten is one of my favourite bloggers and instagrammers as I love her fun loving personality that shines through her photos and videos.

Travel with Bender – The Benders is also family travellers, originally from Australia (like us).  They now manage to live a nomadic lifestyle and have travelled to well over 60 countries.  Whilst their children are still young and not in school yet (unlike our two eldest daughters), we find it very inspiring to watch and read about their journey.

We are a crazy fun-loving family of 5. Andrzej, the Dad of the family was born and bred in Poland. 

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fabio-virgiFabio Virgi – Fab Meets World

Vagabrothers.com – I love the way two brothers have gone on a travel adventure; it’s something I wish I could do with my siblings! The quality of their videos is fantastic and the way they find interesting/quirky things to do everywhere they go makes it super interesting to watch.

Eight Miles from Home: –
I’ve been following this couple since they were bouncing around Thailand with their dog Eden last year. They create these awesome cinematic videos (in vlog format) so that you get a real glimpse into their day-to-day experience in the country. Now, they’ve decided to relocate to the north of Portugal which is exciting for me considering I’m both Portuguese and contemplating the move there myself! Watching their content feels authentic and very useful, since you get to see what it’s really like to be there.

Psychotraveller.com – As the name suggests, Ali is a little bit psycho (I joke). She’s got a very fun and quirky camera personality which makes for great watching, and I love the way she can make the most mundane subject that little bit more fun with her personality. She’s now travelling in south east Asia while writing her book which is really cool.

Fabio Virgi: Founder of and

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Karolina & Patryk – KarolinaPatryk

Our 3 favourite travel blogs are:, &

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jacqui-cooksJacqui Cooks – The Jax Blog

My first 2, I’m sure everyone has heard of:

Mr Scott Eddy – he is not really a travel blogger but more of an entrepreneur, and digital nomad like myself who happens to travel and blog about it. He is super friendly and responsive on social media. He is inspiring and someone to aspire to, for myself.

Nomadic Matt – This is another American blogger, famed for his NY bestelling book “How to travel the world on $50 dollars a day”. What I love about Matt is his practical down to earth FREE travel advice and ton of resources on his website to travel like he did. He shows travelers that you don’t need to be rich to see the world.

Lastly, I’m quite fond of fellow South African, Anje Rautenbach’s “Going Somewhere Slowly” blog. It’s all about slow travel and her time in Korea. I have never been to Korea so reading about a completely different culture is fascinating to me. I love her sense of humour and easy-to-read writing style. One you start reading her blog you’ll immediately fall in love with her.
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steve-biggsSteve Biggs – Biggsy Travels

The Travelhack –
Sound, sensible advice with an easy to digest layout.

Vicky Flip Flop Travels –
Comes across like a mate who you could go off and chat with down the pub about everything and anything travel related.

Borders of Adventure –
I seek out her more “out of the ordinary” posts which give me unique ideas for future travelling escapades.

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di-and-adeDi and Ade – All Abroad

There are so many great travel blogs out there; so often we’re blown away by the quality of sites and the time and dedication people put into their blogs, not to mention the adventures these bloggers are having! We generally tend to follow quite a few different bloggers on social media and click on links to stories that we find interesting – maybe we’ve been there, maybe we’re planning to go there, or maybe it’s just a location for our bucket list! But the following sites stand out. – This is one of the very first blogs we started following. We knew Barbara Adam before she dropped out of the rat race so she’s been inspiring us for years now! She has a great way of combing travel stories with regular life stories. Her writing is lovely as are her photos and she gets to do some really interesting stuff. We don’t normally follow family travel blogs, but this site has a bit of everything thrown in. – Ok, so this site is a little Melbourne centric, but that’s not why we love it – promise!  I find the site provides great advice on travel photography and equipment. Even though Ade is a photographer, it’s always interesting to get other views, plus the site contains some really helpful reviews on equipment. At the moment we’re in the market for a compact camera that takes awesome pics (I want to do away with the DSLR when I’m travelling without Ade, but don’t want to sacrifice too much image quality) and I’ve found this site really useful with my decision making process. And the photos are beautiful – they make us want to explore more of our own backyard, as well as the wider world, with a good camera of course!

Di and Ade, travel bloggers at AllAbroadAU and part time international tour hosts.

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erikaErika Bisbocci – Erika’s Travels

My favorite blogs are:, &

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jett-and-kathrynJett and Kathryn – The Nomadic Tribes

Always difficult to limit our selection of favourite travel bloggers, but here are three individuals who never fail to inspire or entertain.

Stephanie Be a.k.a. Travel Break ( –
While there are a lot of great travel & lifestyle bloggers in the world, Stephanie’s star continues to shine brightly as being one of a favourites. Highly informative and entertaining, her website provides great content infused with Stephanie’s infectiously honest personality. She’s a vibrant Latino and proud of it. We simply love her work and authenticity.

Anna Lysakowska a.k.a. Anna Everywhere ( –
Anna was among the first travel bloggers we connected with when we started our blog, The Nomadic Tribes – Travel & Living The Life Fantastic, in late July 2015. Anna writes from the heart and we were immediately struck by her courage to write about personal matters with intelligence and grace. She also does seems to be everywhere which makes her travel blog one to follow.

Geraldine DeRuiter, a.k.a. The Everywhereist ( –
Geraldine is hands down the funniest, wittiest, intelligent and socially conscious travel blogger on the planet. Her quips and erudite observations about herself and the human condition always brings a smile with a punch in your gut chuckle. She tells it as she sees it. Absolute brilliance!

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sabine-krestelSabine Krestel – Kungfuprincess On The Road

There are many great Blogs out there, but my 3 Favorites are: This one is not your typical Travel Blog, Anna is strictly focusing on China. But if you need to know anything about China, that’s where you will find it. From Etiquette to weird situations. I love it because nothing is more entertaining then cultural diffrences^^ Can’t help it…she is doing all the cool things I want to try. So if I need some inspirations, that is the place where I will check. Kiersten is amazingly bubbly and it’s fun to read her Blog. And she takes amazing Pictures. Like I said perfect Inspirations. Well darn she just writes it how it is and I love Liz for it. It’s not always just Sunshine and Flowers and she writes about those things too. Plus she has a bit of a Nerdy Streak in some of her Posts, which I really enjoy=)

Kungfuprincess on the Road is all about Adventure, Martial Arts and Travel. 

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simon-heyesSimon Heyes – Simon’s Jam Jar

Vicky Flip Flop TravelsA Brit & A BroadThe Travelhack.

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anna-parkerAnna Parker – Travel With Penelope and Parker

My go to blogs, and great ladies to lunch with too are…

Around the world in 80 pairs of shoes – part way through visiting all the counties in England in one year, there’s always a UK or overseas idea on Kelly’s blog.

Adventures of a London Kiwi – great selection of posts and I love Emma’s writing and sense of humour.

Silverspoon London – if you need luxury advice the world around Angie will have a great suggestion.

Penelope and Parker is all about luxury and unique retreats with vitamin sea. 

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ashlee-tAshlee Tuck – Will  Drink For Travel

My top 3 travel blogs are The Dining Traveler, Globetrotting Stiletto and The Points Guy.

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kristin-lunaKristin Luna – Camels and Chocolate

Alex in Wanderland because she’s one of the best writers out there in the blogosphere, she’s an excellent photographer, and she is always off doing something exciting—like snorkeling with beluga whales—in a country I’ve likely never visited.

Angie Away because I’ve known her for a decade and, like me, she’s transitioned from single NYC career gal to married freelancer with a bad-ass career, a husband and a permanent home base in the Deep South.

Vagabond3 because she shows that having kids doesn’t mean you have to do away with your dreams. She and her husband, Bob, still have careers in content marketing and destination branding and have incorporated their one-year-old Augustine into the fold quite seamlessly.

Kristin Luna is a Nashville-based magazine journalist and senior citizen in blogging years.

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candice-walshCandice Walsh – Free Candie

My favourite three travel blogs are: Alex in WanderlandTheEverywhereistTravels of Adam.

Candice Walsh is a freelance writer, blogger, and copywriter living between Newfoundland, Canada and Berlin, Germany.

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floraFlora Baker – Flora The Explorer

My three favourite travel blogs are Legal Nomads, A Great Affair and Uncornered Market.

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monica-stottMonica Stott- The Travel Hack

Hand Luggage Only for travel inspiration, beautiful photography and fun videos. These guys travel all over the world and capture each destination beautifully.

Taylor Hearts Travel for practical tips, advice and inspiration about travelling with a baby. Char travels all over the world with her little boy. She also works full time so she’s a massive inspiration.

Tuula Vintage for travel style. This is a fashion and travel blog and the place to go for style inspo when packing for a trip!

Monica is the founder of The Travel Hack, one of the UK’s leading travel blogs.

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paulDr. Paul Johnson – A Luxury Travel Blog

I’m a sucker for travel photography so… Trey Ratcliffe’s Stuck in Customs, Laurence Norah’s Finding the Universe and

Dr. Paul Johnson is a leading authority on luxury travel and Editor of the multi-award-winning A Luxury Travel Blog.

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aileen-adalidAileen Adalid – I Am Aileen

Nomadic Matt, World of WanderlustExpert Vagabond.

At 21, Aileen Adalid quit her corporate job in the Philippines to travel the world. Today, she is a digital nomad (entrepreneur & travel writer) living a sustainable travel lifestyle.

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2monkeystravelsKach and Jonathan Howe – Two Monkey’s Travel Group

We love Expert Vagabond, The Blonde Abroad and World of Wanderlust =).

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willWill Tang – Going Awesome Places

The Planet DExpert VagabondLeave Your Daily Hell.

Will is the Chief of Awesome over at travel blog Going Awesome Places.

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daveDave Anderson – Jones Around The World

Nomadasaurus – Jarryd & Alesha have given me some serious #RelationshipGoals.  They travel far and wide to places I would only dream of going towards, and are always updating their social-media accounts with beautiful pictures and fun stories.  They are REAL travelers, and have lived such an epic lifestyle.  I’ve been following them for quite some time now, and have met them in person – and they are just incredible people!

Dan Flying Solo – If you browse through this guys Instagram feed, you’ll completely understand.  Dan is a super talented photographer, and each one of his photos tells an amazing story.  I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with him as well, and he’s an all-around great person.  His blog is beautiful and captivating, and he has some amazing articles that are well worth a read.

The Planet D – Okay, so these two need no introduction, but they really are one of my top favorites, so I had to include them.  They are genuinely two of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and capture and share their adventures in the most amazing way.  Dave & Deb are travel rockstars!

Jones is an avid world traveler and music festival addict from Southern-California. 

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jules-and-christineJules and Christine – Dont Forget To Move

Legal NomadsWorld of Wanderlust &  Almostfearless.

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karisa-kleeKarisa Klee – Flirting With The Globe

My favorites are: Young Adventuress and Heart My Backpack.

Karisa Klee, Flirting with the Globe. A unique perspective on travel from a full-time attorney and part-time adventuress.

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gypsy-nesterDavid & Veronica James – Gypsy Nester

There are so many that we love, so I hate to cut it down to just three, but let’s go with:,

David & Veronica have been full time travelers and breaking the empty nest rules since 2008. 

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dj-yabisDJ Yabis – Dream Euro Trip

My favorite travel blogs are: Roads and KingdomEverywhereist &

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shannonShannon O’Donnell – A Little Adrift

My favourite blogs are: &

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trisha-velarminoTrisha Velarmino – P.S. I’m On My Way

Wandering Earl (I read on a regular basis), Legal NomadsYoung Adventuress.

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valter-balducciValter Balducci – Tourist By Chance

Minor sights –
Prayers and Piazza’s –
The World by the Brunette –

I have a great list at –

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andyAndy McFarlane – Window Seat Preferred

Where is Tara – Not only is she an awesome fellow Irish blogger, but she’s an awesome writing style that I love reading – even if she was writing about something completely dull.

One Mile at a Time – This is definitely leaning more towards the hardcore travel hacker community, but it’s fascinating to read how some folks’ manage to travel the world in premium cabins for next to nothing.

Heart My Backpack – This blogger has sort of ‘relaxed’ slightly since moving to Norway – but even though I didn’t think I would, I continue to find her posts inspiring and stunningly put-together to the point; it’s amazing to see, because so few travel bloggers can maintain any kind of following after ‘settling’!

Andy McFarlane is an Irish World Traveller, Serial Expat, Tech Follower, Product Manager & Renowned Cheapskate who blogs at Window Seat Preferred.

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jeremy-scott-fosterJeremy Scott Foster – Travel Freak

My favorite travel blogs are about travel hacking—I like knowing which credit cards to use, and how to use points to maximize my rewards. The Points Guy and Million Mile Secrets are great for this. I also love Secret Flying, a blog dedicated to releasing error fares, so you can book airfare for insanely low prices!

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shannon-kircherShannon Kircher – The Wanderlust Effect – I love Kate’s writing style and spirit. She’s a no BS blogger that shares great content and realities on the ground. – Alex and I seem to go to a number of the same places, so I love reading her posts on personal perspectives and experiences! I love her new site layout, too – so engaging and interactive! – Brooke does a great job of sharing curated guides, fresh content and solid information on destinations around the globe.

Shannon Kircher is the founder and editor of The Wanderlust Effect, a travel blog focused on cultural adventures and experiential travel. 

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alesha-jarrydAlesha and Jarryd – Nomadasaurus

Goats On The Road – Nick and Dariece were the first couples travel blog we ever started to follow, and their informative writing and vibrant personalities have helped motivate us to keep up with blogging and travel to more and more places.

Just A Pack – Michael and Randi are two friends who have been travelling together for years now. They have a huge passion for storytelling and great photography and it shines through in everything they do.

Don’t Forget To Move – Jules and Christine are dedicated responsible travellers and seek out the best sustainable activities all around the world. They are also hilarious, so make sure you check out their Snapchat and Instagram stories.

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jennifer-minerJennifer Miner – The Vacation Gals

Great! My three favorite travel blogs are:

The Travel Bite for travelers with a passion for food and culture.

Midlife Road Trip – One Journey. Two Views. Co-hosts travel the world documenting their adventure & culinary finds one mile at a time.

Alex in Wanderland – a New York native with a passion for aquatic adventures.

Jennifer Miner is a travel writer based in Los Angeles and the co-creator/editor of The Vacation Gals.

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deni-verklanDeni Verklan – The Fulltime Tourist

Happy to Wander – I stumbled across Christina Guan’s travel blog, Happy to Wander, quite recently and fell in love with how she effortlessly sprinkles her personality throughout her blog posts. Honest, witty and hopelessly normal, she follows her travel dreams while juggling conventional responsibilities like school and work.

The Tongue in Chic – Liz Stephenson’s blog, The Tongue in Chic, is quite possibly my favourite almost-travel blog. A modern day Carrie Bradshaw, Liz writes with the sass, frankness and over-sharing qualities that were popular in Sex and the City. But instead of writing exclusively about her friends’ prowess, Liz writes about travel. Highly entertaining and informative, The Tongue in Chic is my go-to for travel blogging inspiration.

Department of Wandering – Seeping with knowledge about expat travel, European getaways and Australian sunshine, Rachel Bale offers her readers a highly refined selection of travel adventures with a subtle philosophical approach to travel. Her journalism background is prevalent throughout The Department of Wandering, making her a trustworthy and fascinating writer to follow.

Deni Verklan is a 22-year-old Canadian with a passion for travel, photography, writing and gluten-free & plant-based foods.

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claudiaClaudia Scheffler-Perrone – Nonsoloamore & (not a blog more about videos).

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We hope these responses will be able to help you come up with your next dream destination travel. A big shout out to our blogger friends who shared their favorite travel blogs here!

The Top Travel Blogs with the Top Destinations!

When it comes to the top travel blogs, the best bloggers, and the most unbelievable destinations, look no further! Find the experience you’re looking for with any of these great sites.

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