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Top 5 Things You Must Do During a Trip to Malaysia

Top 5 Things You Must Do During a Trip to Malaysia Leave a comment

Going on a trip to Malaysia is a great idea. This adventure is sure to leave you a multitude of memories that will warm you up on cold winter days and help you relax after a stressful day at work. The only issue with that plan is that there are too many interesting things to do in the country to fit into a single vacation. Therefore, if you want your trip to be filled with the most amazing experiences, you should make sure it includes visits to Malaysia’s most notable attractions, diving, and relaxing at some quiet beaches.

How To Make Your Vacation In Malaysia Unforgettable

Eat your weight in Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar is a traditional dish you can find all over Malaysia. It’s most popular in its northern regions. Unsurprisingly, the recipe has been largely influenced by immigrants from India.

The dish is rather simple, you get a plate full of rice and then proceed to cover it with a selection of foods and sauces available. It’s the side dishes and curries that bring flavor to the food, and you should have a great variety of those to choose from. Versatility is the defining trait of this dish, so you can eat it every day during your trip and discover a new flavor each time.


Diving is one of the most popular activities for tourists coming to Malaysia. It’s not surprising as the country has some of the best locations for it. The places you should do your best to see are Sipadan and Kapalai dive sites. They are the most beautiful and unique in all Malaysia. But that also makes them the most popular, so you’ll need to make arrangements for your trip beforehand. Note that the number of daily diving permits for Sipadan is limited.

If you are a complete beginner, you can start your diving career at one of the smaller popular sites that Malaysia offers. There are a few nearly at every island.

Party in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia might seem like a mostly-rural country with reserved residents and traditions. However, Kuala Lumpur, the capital, proves that there are all kinds of urban pleasures available here as well.

You should indulge in some of them, like parties in great clubs or enjoying the view from the huge PETRONAS Towers. Compare those experiences to the ones you get in your own country and you’ll see that a night out in Malaysia is both similar and different to a night out in a big Western city.

Admire the nature at Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Every island in Malaysia is beautiful in its own way and you can see lush greenery and colourful flowers everywhere. However, to get the best possible picture of the magnificent local nature, you should go to the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, which consists of five islands.

Here you will be able to see some spectacular views as well as to learn more about the wildlife of Malaysia. Every island has a unique attraction to it. So plan to spend a few days exploring them all.

Watch orangutans in rehab

The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center is located in the Sabah state and it’s a very special place. Here you can admire some of the most clever, yet also most rare, primates on the planet. You can also make a contribution that will help improve this sanctuary for orangutans. Note that this was the first rehabilitation center for orangutans in the world. It remains active and helps dozens of primates every year.

Ready For Your Trip to Malaysia?

Malaysia is a place where you cannot get bored because even if no activity or attraction appeals to you at the moment, you can spend some time at the beach and recharge. This will allow you to continue exploring in a few hours.

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