Emma Braun

Hi, I am Emma Braun, a 34 year old woman from the beautiful city of Boston, United States. I am a mom, a passionate traveler. I love to pen down my beautiful travel experiences to inspire all the travel lovers out there. I am also a big admirer of style and fashion(www.otbtshoes.com), and that’s why I always keep hunting for things that bring both style and comfort to my journeys, then be it is the pair of travelling shoes or clothes. Travel not only lets you see the beauty of places, but it also lets you discover yourself as a person. Different people, different destinations that sum up and make the beautiful world from where we all belong. Some of us believe that we can’t follow our traveling passion because of our busy schedule, our kids, liabilities etc, and always remain trapped in our lame busy schedule because of some unnecessary fears and doubts. But, those who break barriers and follow their dreams can only realize how good it is to live the life of their choice. I am the one amongst them.