Traveling In The Desert: How to Dress Your Kids?

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From sandboarding in Peru to camel riding in Morocco, deserts could be stunningly beautiful and adventurous places to visit with your family. However, traveling with kids can be a daunting task, but with a bit of beforehand preparation, traveling with them can be easy and fun. Visiting the desert requires packing the right clothes for both you and your kids because of the extremely hot climate. In this article, you will find some of the ways you can dress your kids when traveling in the desert. Here are general examples.

  • Windbreaker jacket
  • Large cotton scarf
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Reflective leggings
  • Hiking boots

Dressing Your Kids

When traveling in the desert, make sure to dress your kids in long-legged and long-sleeved white clothing that is reflective. The reason for this is to protect your kids from the intense scorching sun during the daytime. To make matters worse, during the night, the temperatures fall really low and it gets really cold. Therefore, it is important to carry some warm clothes.

For Boys

For boys, it is important to pack a baseball hat or a sunhat, long sleeve shirts, a medium-weight sweatshirt or hoodie, a jacket (depending on the season), and lightweight pants. Dress them in pants that have elastic waists to provide them with comfort. Pack extra socks, underwear, and pajamas.

For Girls

For girls, it is also important to dress them in a hat to protect their neck and face from the desert sun. Girls are extra sensitive to the desert sun, and you can dress them in girls dresses such as maxi dresses or sun dresses.

Dress your kids with long-sleeved clothes, otherwise, short clothing will be uncomfortable especially if you are going to ride a camel. They may even develop blisters or rashes. Hiking boots protect your kids from the hot ground’s surface and the thousands of heavy and sharp rocks. The large cotton scarf is used worn around the head, neck, and face to protect you and the kids from dust, sun, and sandstorms. Scarfs also protect your skin and that of your kids’ from getting pierced by desert sand corns.

For the evening, it is important to pack trekking sandals for the kids. They come in handy during the evenings because they allow the kids’ feet to breathe a bit. You can also take talcum powder with you. The role of talcum powder is to absorb the moisture from you and your kids’ feet. You can also pack girls’ dresses to wear once they get to their destination.

Dress Kids Appropriately

When traveling in the desert, it is crucial to dress them in appropriate clothing to ensure their comfort, as well as prevent numerous stopovers to address the kids’ issues with the desert heat. Kids tend to be demanding during travels, and even worse if the travel involves going through a desert. Do not forget to carry good walking shoes to put on once you get to your destination. A long day of traveling through the desert challenges means that you and your kids’ feet will need to breathe, and good trekking scandals will provide exactly that.

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