Galapagos Islands is full of national parks

Written by ed

Most Interesting Facts about the Galapagos

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The Galapagos Islands are famous for a number of reasons but the diverse flora and fauna are largely why people from all over the world choose the Galapagos as their number one...

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Galapagos - lagoon with cactus

Written by Ailish Casey

How to Travel in the Galapagos Independently

Ecuador, South America| Views: 915

Any trip to the Galapagos islands involves a pricey cruise or guided tour, right? Wrong! It’s perfectly possible to visit the Galapagos independently. You can explore...

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Quilotoa loop view into green valley

Written by Ailish Casey

Trekking Ecuador’s Quilotoa Loop

Ecuador| Views: 637

I swore loudly as I stumbled over yet another rock at the start of the Quilotoa Loop. A young girl, walking hand in hand with her mother, paused to look at me, and I smiled...

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Hiking Sumaco, Ecuador’s Jungle Volcano

Ecuador, South America| Views: 710

A wall of wind smashed against me, knocking a foot loose. I stumbled. Shards of volcanic rock danced down the flank of the mountain as my foot searched for a hold. I heaved myself...

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Baños Hotel Hot Spring Bath

Written by Robert Bell

A Baños Hotel for a Hot Spring Bath Break in Ecuador

Ecuador| Views: 758

Finding the right Baños hotel is the ideal way to start your discovery of a cute and inviting spa town in Ecuador. Baños is a delightful town in Ecuador. The name translates as...

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