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8 Essential Items You Should Bring on Your Trip to Japan

8 Essential Items You Should Bring on Your Trip to Japan Leave a comment

Tim Baker is a travel junkie. He is really addicted to travelling and loves writing about his experiences and travel guides. When he is not travelling he is either writing his travel guides or enjoys playing tennis

8 Essentials for Your Trip to japan

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Japan is one of the most popular destinations to visit in the world! Because of the unique culture, the vibrant and colorful traditions, you can travel to this amazing country and continually be engaged and learning. Not to mention the upcoming Olympics! 

Planning for a long-distance trip to Japan can take a lot of time and effort. Making sure you are prepared for your trip overseas is extremely important! This is especially true if you will be far away from home.


What to Pack for Your Trip to Japan

When thinking about what to pack, make sure you pay attention to everything that goes along with traveling to Japan. Consider the weather, credit cards, cash needs, as well as all the activities you will be doing. This will help you determine what you need on your packing list, as well as whether you’ll need a great travel backpack or a large suitcase!

In order to make sure that your trip goes smoothly, you should create an efficient packing list. In addition to helping you pack, it will make it so you don’t forget any items or over-pack.

Of course, you know you should bring the necessities like toiletries and clothing. However, there are also other items you may not come to mind that will make your visit to Japan easier.

Eight Essentials for Japan!

Don’t stress about traveling to a different country! In order to make your holiday go on without a hitch, here are a few things you NEED to pack on your Japanese holiday. These eight essentials for Japan will make this vacation easier, as well as possibly, more fun!

1) SIM Card or Portable WiFi In Japan

Since you’ll be traveling, you will want to be able to communicate. In addition to being able to use your smartphone, you may also want to connect to WiFi!

sim card

First, you should contact your service provider and request an international package that will allow you to use their service overseas. Then, see if you can budget for the extra charges. However, if you don’t want to alter your current cellular package, or spend more money, you can opt to purchase a Japanese SIM card for your phone.

A SIM card will allow you to connect with loved ones, or even new friends while in Japan! You can order one before you arrive to allow time to get it delivered. Not only that, but you can also shop around in Japan to find an appropriate SIM card once you arrive.

There are two popular pre-paid SIM cards meant for data use only:

  • IIJmio Japan Travel SIM
  • B Mobile Visitor SIM.

These cards on portable WiFi devices will allow you to connect to the internet to surf the web and update your social media accounts. Japan is a great destination for winter holiday vacations, for summer trips, or even an autumn get away! And with a working SIM card, you’ll be able to keep all your family and friends up to date on your travels, no matter the time of year!

2) Translation App For Japanese

This isn’t something you will have to pack, but DEFINITELY something you will need if you can’t read and write Japanese. There are tons of apps out there that will help you in your travels in Japan.

Translation App

Try to download the appropriate apps for your travels beforehand. In addition to learning how to use it, you can familiarize yourself with how well it translates! If you are needing to communicate with your hotel, local professional establishments, or even a restaurant, a translation app will make the communication go smoothly!

Not Just Translation Apps!

Use language apps to help you pick up words, easily navigate, as well as make new Japanese friends! Other apps like navigation and weather apps will allow you to adjust to the Japanese culture faster and easier.

Here are some apps that will be of use in Japan:

  • Google Maps
  • JapanTaxi
  • SuicaEng
  • EmartEX
  • Turekuru Call
  • TripSocket
  • And more!

3) Electric Adapter To Use In Japan

An electric power adapter is necessary for long-distance travel. You want to be prepared for when you need to use electricity to charge your devices. All things considered, you’ll want to be able to use the Japanese plugs, and a power adapter will allow you to switch to the local outlets easily! Sure, everyone looks at Japan as the leader in technology, however, not all tech is created equal.


Try to purchase an adapter you know will work with your country’s plugs, as well as the outlets in Japan. Three prong outlets aren’t popular in Japan, so do some research to find what will work.  You can also purchase a multi-adapter that can let you use Japanese outlets, as well as power sources in many other countries!  

4) Smart Devices To Use In Japan

Modern day traveling means having modern day travel gear. By having a smart device, you will be able to easily tackle daily activities and get around easier! Not only that, but it can help you with learning about Japanese culture on the go.

smart device in japan

Using your smart device, whether it is a smartphone, or a streaming device of some kind, you can stream online content. Devices like Amazon FireSticks work in various countries, including Japan! Not only do they have features that allow you to maximize your streaming experience abroad, but will also help you relax after a long journey!

5) Japan Rail Pass

By purchasing a rail pass, you will be able to get around from place to place easily! It can be bought while you are in Japan, but with exchange rates, that can sometimes be expensive. Your best bet is to order online ahead of time.

japan train pass

You will be able to travel the whole country with a pass on the Shinkansen! Check your itinerary and prices of transportation to determine what kind of rail pass to get or if you need one at all. That way you can save money, as well as travel with ease!

6) Currency In Japan – Japanese Yen

You may be surprised at how cash-oriented Japan is today! Especially if you are coming from a place like the United States, where everyone swipes their cards more than they pull cash from their wallets. All in all, you are going to need some Japanese Yen in order to travel this remarkable country. You’ll especially need cash for the time you spend in more rural areas if you choose to venture outside bigger cities!

Japanese Yen currency in Japan

In order to be prepared, you should get your hands on your Yen before you arrive in Japan.

Here are some ways you can exchange currency before you arrive:

  • You can retrieve some from your bank
  • Order money exchange online from your bank
  • Airport Exchanges
  • Local Exchange stores

Don’t stress about finding Yen once you arrive! Get the exchange done at home. This way you’re not lost in translation when trying to get new currency!

7) Travel Insurance In Japan

Travel insurance is amazing if you’ll be staying in Japan for a lon period of time. Emergencies happen and you should want to be prepared for them no matter what! Having health insurance, as well as travel insurance, for your time away, can save you lots of time and stress! Determine the amount of time you will be spending away and the distance to help you determine if you need travel insurance.

8) Visa or Passport

Passports are a necessity for anyone who is traveling outside the country. Ensure that your passport meets the requirements to visit Japan by visiting their embassy website. Usually, passports should have at least 6 months of validity before you leave your vacation to ensure you are able to travel at all. Your passport should have at least 2-4 pages that are blank to be good for travel.

Visa or Passport

When it comes to a visa, some countries will not require you to obtain a visa if you are visiting as a tourist. If you are staying for a long period of time and intend to work while you are in Japan, you will need to get a visa. There are so many fun facts about passports and visas that will certainly blow your mind! However, you may want to keep things as simple as possible for your travel abroad.

The Eight Essentials to Make Your Trip to Japan Amazing!

Whether you’re packing your power adaptor, or getting your Yen ahead of time, these eight travel essentials will make your trip to Japan amazing! Be certain not to forget your passport, as well as switch over your SIM card, and you’re on your way to an unforgettable vacation. Pack these eight essentials and you’ll be on our way to the most brilliant Japanese holiday EVER!

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Tim Baker is a travel junkie. He is really addicted to travelling and loves writing about his experiences and travel guides. When he is not travelling he is either writing his travel guides or enjoys playing tennis

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