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Nordic Countries Travel Guide

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Travel guide to Northern Europe's gems

The Nordic region is vast and wide. It stretches from the freezing arctic wasteland of the north to the gentle, calm rural lands in the south. It’s a breath-taking and epic destination that you ought to find the time and enjoy to the maximum. There are 5 Nordic countries (including Iceland) so there is a wide variety of places to visit, and you can become spoilt for choices. Below is a quick Nordic travel guide that will assist you to come up with ideas on where to visit and what to do?

  1. Denmark

It lies to the southern peninsula and it is one country that you cannot miss paying a tour. First, you get to have the best cycling experience. Big cities such as Copenhagen are very safe; thus, no need to worry.


Second, you get to enjoy the Danish hygge. Get to enjoy the best Nordic cuisines across various restaurants as their food is quite tasty eventhough not so affordable.

Third, take this opportunity to go shopping as the country is known for its unique, stylish designs. Check out the flea market and stand a chance to come across original cutlery and clothing

The country is known for being home to Vikings. Get to see the numerous Viking attractions around Copenhagen and learn about these legendary warriors first-hand

  1. Norway

To have the best Scandinavian tours & trips 2019, you can’t afford to miss touring Norway. The country has more than 1000 breath-taking fjords. They have deep inlets that have been formed by glaciers during the ice age. The country is known for providing a chance to enjoy the best skiing experience.

Norway travel suggestions

Do you enjoy whale watching? The waters off Vesteralen Island in Norway is a must-visit. It’s home to minke, humpback, pilot as well as sperm whales. That is not all, you will get to see porpoises as well as dolphins.

  1. Sweden

The country has more than 24000 islands within the Stockholm archipelago. Visiting this country is an opportunity to discover peaceful, calm un-habited islands as well.

The famous Kungsleden hiking trail

Enjoy a unique hiking experience by taking some of the world’s most adorned hiking trails. Enjoy the famous Kungsleden hiking trail. Pass through the northern wilderness, wild moorland, pristine forest as well as snowy mountain-scape

Another exciting activity to enjoy in Sweden is dog-sledding in the Sweden arctic. Check out the best wildlife the country has to offer. Get to see wolves, moose, beavers, reindeer as well as bears.

Don’t forget to travel in style while in Sweden. Enjoy the blue train between Gothenburg and Stockholm. Admire the wood-paneled retro carriages.

  1. Finland

Visiting this country is an opportunity to enjoy a chill at the spa. Get a soak beneath the stars while in a hot tub that’s surrounded by snow. Watch the lights playing across the sky and savor the moment. Enjoy the great sauna as they are whole and integral part of Finn’s life.

Visiting Finland is a chance to enjoy wild swimming in the cold, clear waters. Other water activities include canoeing, which is quite phenomenal. 

So Do You Think You’ll Go To Scandinavia This Year? 

The Nordic region is a fascinating place to visit. To have the best Scandinavian tours & trips 2019, you need to take advantage of the seasons to enjoy yourself fully. Enjoy their unique cultural diversity that’s quite different from the rest of the world.

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