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Costa Rica Honeymoon Guide

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Costa Rica Honeymoon

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Trying to find out more about a Costa Rica Honeymoon? Check out this complete guide to find out more information about taking the honeymoon of your dreams!

Is Costa Rica Good for a Honeymoon?

When it comes to your honeymoon, there are a few things you will definitely want to have. One of the most important things to consider is options. That’s right, you will want options!

Costa Rica Honeymoon
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Do you want to go hiking, as well as spend a day or two lounging on the beach? Do you want to be able to eat at a five-star restaurant, as well as grab delicious street food on the go? Then a Costa Rica Honeymoon is just for you.

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Costa Rica is a good choice for a honeymoon because it not only offers a wide variety of activities, great food, as well as romantic hotels and beachside getaways! You will truly have an unforgettable experience in South America!

Costa Rica Beach
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Here are a few romantic activities to do in Costa Rica on your Honeymoon:

  • Take a sunset sailing tour in the Caribbean Sea, or on the Pacific Ocean
  • Take your partner out dancing at a Fiestas Civias (Local Party)
  • Romantic hike to the Del Toro Waterfall
  • Moonlit stroll along any of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches
  • Relax at the Hot Springs in Arenal
  • Go ziplining, kayaking, hiking, as well as other fun and exciting activities

No matter what the newlyweds do while on honeymoon, you have options in Costa Rica! You can choose to stay at an exotic resort, or get a little rugged with hikes and paddle boarding trips. It’s always a good idea to have a few things to do!

Where Should I Honeymoon in Costa Rica?

There are a wide variety of luxury resorts and romantic spots to stay in Costa Rica. Here are just a few options for you and your new spouse!

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Arenal Volcano

You and your partner can walk through the rainforests that surround your resort, or spend a few hours getting toasty in the hot springs! Wildlife holidays, as well as nature oriented honeymoons can be incredibly exciting! You can choose to go kayaking, or simply enjoy the spa at your resort with the beautiful views of the volcano peak!

Santa Teresa

If you and your spouse prefer a little more privacy, then the secluded Nicoya Peninsula and Santa Teresa is just for you! Take romantic strolls along the rocky shores of the beaches, enjoy a sunset while you feast on luxury dining, as well as hike through the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve! Things are a little quieter, and a lot more romantic in Santa Teresa.

Manuel Antonia

One of the top rated places to find the best Costa Rica Honeymoon experience, Manuel Antonia is filled with adventure activities, stunning beaches, and even rainforests for you and your loved one to experience together!

You can easily go spend a day shopping and enjoying the capital city of San Jose, then take a relaxing day on the beach the best day. No matter what you choose, Manuel Antonia is an excellent option for your honeymoon.

Gulf of Papagayo

All in all, the Gulf of Papagayo is one of the most romantic and absolutely picturesque places in all of Costa Rica to spend your honeymoon. Not only will you find five-star resorts, but you’ll also find quiet and intimate places to spend your time together! Not to mention you can have fun with water sports like snorkeling, paddle-boarding, and kayaking. Enjoy the tropical forests, as well as the serene beaches as you and your love take in all the Gulf has to offer!

costa rica honeymoon sunset
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How Much Does a Honeymoon in Costa Rica Cost?

The cost of a honeymoon in Costa Rica will be different everywhere you go. Not only will you have to factor in the time of year, but also the resort you choose. Here are all the basic costs you should consider:

  • Hotel, as well as resort price per night. Anywhere from $100 – $1,000 a night per your budget.
  • Rental costs for equipment, as well as gear and instruction. I.E. Ziplining would be approximately $50-$70 per person.
  • Access to nature reserves or Hot Springs can be around $20 – $40 per person for a day pass.
  • Food and beverage can be as much as $20 per person per day, or as much as you wish to spend.
  • Flight and Travel costs. Rental car costs, or train tickets once you are in country, as well as plane tickets to get to your Costa Rica Honeymoon destination.

Once you set a firm budget that includes all of these basic costs, you can start to get an accurate idea of what your honeymoon will cost. You should also consider the option of booking an all-inclusive resort or tour package! This could save you money in the long run.

What is the Price for Honeymoon Resorts in Costa Rica?

The price of a honeymoon resort in Costa Rica will vary depending on time of year, location, as well as available discounts and coupons. Be prepared to spend upwards of $200.00 a night. However, your budget is completely up to you and your new spouse! So you can splurge on a luxury resort of $1,000 a night, or more!

How Much is a Typical Meal in Costa Rica?

A general day of eating in Costa Rica can cost anywhere from $20 to $50 a day per person. However, if you would like to enjoy five-star resorts and restaurants, or splurge on a few luxury meals while on your honeymoon, then that price will go up exponentially. Your food budget will fully depend upon whatever you and your spouse want to eat while you’re in Costa Rica!

What is the Cheapest Month to Fly to Costa Rica?

Generally, the cheapest month to fly to Costa Rica is in September. This is primarily because it is the end of the winter season, but not quite warm enough to be considered hot and a “summer” destination yet. All in all, you should research the airport you’re traveling into, as well as the various activities that will be available to you during your desired travel time to get a good estimate of when you should fly.

What is the Best Time to Go to Costa Rica?

The most popular times to travel to Costa Rica will be during the dry season. The dry season for this romantic honeymoon destination is between December and April. However, you will still get warmer weather and fun in the sun if you visit during the other seasons of the year! Be certain if you are traveling during the wet season, May to October, you will have to plan your activities accordingly!

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Is Pacific or Caribbean Side of Costa Rica Better?

There are great resorts and activities to do on either coast of this beautiful country. However, the Pacific Side of Costa Rica has a few more tourist friendly resorts. You can enjoy Salinas Bay, as well as the Gulf of Papagayo! The Caribbean side of the country is also stunning, it is just doesn’t have as many honeymoon friendly resorts.

Best Costa Rica Honeymoon Destinations!

Finding the best Costa Rica honeymoon destinations can be easy once you know all the basics this guide points out! Keep your budget in mind, as well as your preferred activities and you and your partner will have a honeymoon to remember. Not to mention you can even have a destination wedding there and honeymoon as well!

Find what you’re looking for in a honeymoon destination in Monteverde, Tamarindo, San Jose, Manuel Antonio, as well as Arenal Volcano, the Gulf of Papagayo, Santa Teresa, and Cahuita! Your Costa Rica honeymoon is waiting, are you ready for the most romantic holiday of your life?


Is Costa Rica expensive?

Costa Rica is not as expensive as a lot of popular honeymoon destinations. A week long holiday here can cost anywhere from $850 to $1,500 on average. However, it can be cheaper, or more expensive depending upon your budget and deals and coupons available.

Is Costa Rica romantic?

Yes! Costa Rica is very romantic! Sunset walks on the beach, incredible scenic views, as well as intimate resorts and fun couples activities all await you there.

Is English widely spoken in Costa Rica?

The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish. However, English is widely spoken throughout the country.

Do I need a visa for Costa Rica?

Visa regulations will vary from country of origin. If you are traveling from the United States you will need your passport to enter the country for up to 90 days.

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Tim Baker is a travel junkie. He is really addicted to travelling and loves writing about his experiences and travel guides. When he is not travelling he is either writing his travel guides or enjoys playing tennis

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