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Best Accessories When Travelling With Your Dog

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Travel Dog Accessories

Who can be a better travelling partner than one’s four-legged fluffy canine? Whether a trip to a beach or mountain or trekking, these four-legged companions are sure to entertain you all the way long. However, carrying a pet for a trip is very challenging. Things ranging from their proper accessories to adequate papers to searching for dog-friendly places to stay should be carefully taken care of.

Hence here is a small list of the “must-have” accessories for one pet when planning for a trip:

Dog Collars

Having dog collars especially those which can be easily identified like the LED dog collars must be taken along while heading for a trip. The main purpose of this is to ensure that one does not lose sight of one’s fluffy friend when they are left alone. These will especially be needed during the night.

First Aid Tools

One should be ready for every possible accident beforehand and accordingly should take precautions. The dogs are quite prone to minor/major injuries and common travel maladies, hence first aid is a must. Kurgo manufactures some of the best pet first aid kits which one can purchase.

A Dog Life Jacket

If one’s dog is a swimming enthusiast one must surely invest in buying a good quality life jacket for him. This will keep the dog safe and visible when diving into the oceans.

Paw Plunger

This igneous cleaning device is essential for every trip with one’s furry friend. One simply has to fill water in the container, dip the dog’s dirty feet and paws and now one’s dog is free of all the dirt. The Paw Plunger can be the most feasible and affordable way of maintaining the cleanliness of your dog.

Pet Tracker And Activity Monitor

Whistle 3 comes with the best of GPS dog tracker through its fantastic GPS system, wifi, and cellular technology to keep one in the track of one’s pet’s whereabouts. This can be easily fixed with the dog’s collar and it operates via a free app. This app works along with Google Maps to help one tack and also inform them of safe zones for their furry buddy.

Portable Dog Bath System

This can be an important tool to carry with oneself. Bissell Bark bath brings about a portable bathing system which allows one to clean their dog anywhere with comfort.

Portable Dog grooming

The system works like a small vacuum cleaner which requires small amounts of shampoo and water.

Pet Backpack

Lemonade comes with a stylish and protective pet backpack for both cats and small dogs. It has a great capsule design with a large space and has a hard outer covering that protects one’s pet. Not to worry as the backpack has plenty of breathing holes which allows a fresh ventilation system.

Anxiety Vest

Animals also may experience anxiety and stress at times, hence a ThunderShirt may be a great tool to help one’s pet calm down just a little bit and make it easier to take them for long travels.

Pet Grooming Tools

Not only humans but for pets also have a desire of looking groomed and gorgeous in the pictures. Kuro comes with its totally equipped grooming tools which include nail cutters, ticks, combs, etc.

However, according to Salvatore Jamison, “You can’t have a proper grooming session with your pup without a dog hair dryer. This rings especially true for professionals. “Hence he brings out a list of four best dog hair dryers. These include:

  • Go Pet Club blow dryers
  • Flying Pig’s pet grooming dryer
  • MetroVac Airforce Commander 1.7Hp
  • B- Air cage dryer GP-1 Grizzly

Portable Pet Water Bottle

One shall make sure that the pets stay healthy and hydrated during travelling. Hence ANREONER Portable Water Bottle made from stylish and food-grade bottles must be carried.

Overland Dog Tote

This comes along with a large pocket with a divider, a zipper mesh compartment for extra storage, a collapsible bowl and placemat set, a collapsible bowl and placemat set, two lined carriers for food or treats a water bottle pouch, and a luggage ID tag. This is a convenient bag to carry most of the dog essentials without adding on to the existing luggage.

Dog Shoes

Making their running, jumping and walking easy, Ruffwear’s Grip Trex boots makes these tasks simpler than ever before.

Dog Poop Bags

The Gorilla Supply pet poop bags come with degradable plastic and are divided into 20 easy carry rolls which can easily be attached to any leash.

Travelling With Your Dog Is Amazing

Exploring the world with your furry friend would be amazing if you pack everything needed for him to make him comfortable. Travelling is important for every creature as it gives a new boost in life. But, you should also carry all the necessary things for you and your dog with you.

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