How To Get Your Money Back If Your Holiday Gets Cancelled?

How To Get Your Money Back If Your Holiday Gets Cancelled? Leave a comment

Whether you are planning a trip to Greece, or elsewhere, you want things to go well. The majority of the time that is exactly what will happen. Your flights will leave on time, your accommodation will be as described and everyone will return home feeling well rested and happy.

 But, every now and again, things may go wrong. If your travel firm goes out of business before you are due to travel, the chances are your holiday will end up being cancelled.

Unfortunately, it happens. In fact, barely a year goes by without a big travel firm shutting its doors. In 2019, even the world’s oldest tour company, Thomas Cook, ended up having to fold. Should you find yourself being told that this has happened to your travel provider, check this infographic from

Doing so will greatly improve your chances of getting your money back because you will be able to quickly identify what to do next. You will know whether you should be turning to a travel assurance organization like ABTA for compensation, your travel insurer or your airline. As well as understand what your rights as a consumer are. Once you have secured your refund, you will be able to use that money to book an alternative holiday to replace the one that you had to cancel. 

Creditfix Holiday cancellation infographic

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