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Reasons You Should Visit Majorca

Written by ed

6 Reasons You Should Visit Majorca

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Make way for the King of the Balearic Islands – a pretty good looking one too. Majorca serves a kind of tranquillity and excitement that’s hard to find in one place. Known for...

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Galapagos Islands is full of national parks

Written by ed

Most Interesting Facts about the Galapagos

Blog, Ecuador, South America| Views: 539

The Galapagos Islands are famous for a number of reasons but the diverse flora and fauna are largely why people from all over the world choose the Galapagos as their number one...

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La Digue

Written by rachita.saxena93

The Ultimate Budget Guide For Exploring Seychelles

Africa, Blog| Views: 787

Seychelles is a gorgeous island country where you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful mountains on one side and breathtaking beaches on the other. This amazing place is...

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Written by wmchandler1212

Top Reasons Why to Honeymoon in Kalymnos, Greece

Blog, Greece| Views: 705

You have probably felt the draw to the beaches of Greece that you have seen in countless lifestyle and travel magazines. Romantic vacations are typically the most memorable. For...

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