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Singapore night safari action

Written by ed

All You Need to Know About Singapore Night Safari

Asia, Blog, Singapore| Views: 350

Singapore Night Safari is one of the most beautiful and thrilling experiences you can get. Most tourists admit that this is a memorable moment that they will never forget. For...

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Elephant herds on a Safari tour

Written by ed

10 Tips for Your First Wildlife Holiday

Africa, Blog| Views: 313

Experiences with nature and animals can be both educational and thrilling! And the Blue planet is rich with locations and spots for wildlife holidays where one can escape to for...

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Written by ed

Birding Paradise on the Mara – A Different Kenya Adventure

Africa, Blog| Views: 556

A Vibrant Ecosystem The Maasai Mara – chances are you have already heard of it, even if you don’t know the name. If you know what the Great Migration is and can imagine...

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Written by ahleyrosa

Here’s why Kenya should be on your travel list for 2018

Africa, Blog| Views: 470

Lying right on the equator, this hot country showcases the biggest wildlife show on Earth. It has around 54 national parks and reserves that are home to many threatened and rare...

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A humpback whale surfaces on the Kaikoura coast, New Zealand

Written by Linda

Watching Wild Whales in Aotearoa New Zealand

New Zealand, Oceania| Views: 602

Kia ora! Let’s go watching wild whales in Aotearoa New Zealand (NZ). Imagine how you would feel if you managed to catch a glimpse of the world’s largest creature, the Blue...

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Elephants and zebra at Etosha African Wildlife elesphants and zebra

Written by Linda

Wild African Animals Galore at Etosha

Africa| Views: 703

Have you ever thought of taking your own private safari in Africa? It is easy if you visit Etosha African Wildlife Park in Namibia. Driving around Etosha is a dream in a wildlife...

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Written by Ailish Casey

South Africa Garden Route: A Comprehensive Guide

Africa, South Africa| Views: 675

The South Africa garden route is a breathtaking journey along the southern coast of Africa. The route takes in spectacular sights, from sun kissed beaches, to flocks of...

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