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All You Need to Know About Singapore Night Safari

All You Need to Know About Singapore Night Safari Leave a comment
Singapore night safari action

Singapore Night Safari is one of the most beautiful and thrilling experiences you can get. Most tourists admit that this is a memorable moment that they will never forget. For those who are here for work or business, they can still get to experience the night safari. It is even more enjoyable when you visit with family.

But before taking the trip, there is a lot that one must know. Getting these tips right will not only enhance your experience but will make the trip a smoother one. Also, check these tips for a budget Singapore solo travel

Book Early

For the sake of convenience, it is better to book the safari early enough. One thing to know is that the night safari is usually crowded. If possible, book the safari during days without many people, like in the middle of the week as opposed to the weekend.

Check the rates well for both adults and kids as they differ with age. Although trams are always available to take you around, you need to plan well for the fee.

Carry a Good Camera

Spot white tigers

What better to help you keep your memories than a good camera with low-light qualities? Although high-end phones will do the trick, a dedicated digital camera is the best. Take photos and videos as advised by the local guide to avoid breaking the rules of the zoo. However, you can do this almost everywhere in the zoo without a problem. Kids will definitely love taking selfies near the glass walls with the animals.

Dress Appropriately

As you plan your itinerary when traveling to Singapore, one of the things your One Visa agent should mention is what attire to carry. Although the tour is at night, Singapore is still hot at this time. The wind and humidity are also relatively high, so you need to balance your clothes well. Kids can be uncomfortable unless they are dressed lightly but still have all body parts covered to avoid the effects of the night wind.

Enjoying the Shows

As you enjoy the Singapore Night Safari, it is important to consider one of the best shows that they have in the amphitheater. It is called the “Creatures of the Night” show. You can rest assured that your kids will enjoy it from the first part to the last one. The show is on at 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM, and 9:30 PM.

Enjoy the Nature Trails

Singapore nature trails garden bird

Apart from using the tram, there are some areas where visitors are allowed to walk and enjoy the views. Both kids and adults will definitely enjoy the thrilling experience as they interact with small animals, birds, monkeys, and of course, the plant life. The good thing is that a local guide will be with you to offer assistance through the trails.

Following the Rules

Singapore has set numerous policies and rules that are meant for the preservation of nature and developments of the state. As you do your Singapore Night Safari, it is crucial to follow the set rules. Mainly, they do not allow feeding of animals although they are separated from the audience by thick glass walls.

You will also land into problems if you decide to litter the zoo with trash. Both the tram and the zoo have dustbins that you can use to dump your trash. For those who love smoking or vaping, this is not the right place to do so. It is better to wait for a few hours rather than have problems with the authorities. The good thing is visitors usually get a briefing, or a “do’s and don’ts” presentation before they start the tour. They are also written on a board as you get into the zoo for all to read.


Whether it is your first time here or a subsequent one, the Singapore Night Safari is one of a kind. Both you and your kids will have a memorable moment, especially if all goes as planned. You can get the Singapore Night Safari itinerary with ease to know what you need.


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