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10 Best Hotels in NYC with Balcony

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Hotels In NYC With Balcony

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There is no place quite like New York City, New York. The city is it’s own thriving, living entity, and finding a hotel in the heart of this stunning metropolitan area can be quite confusing. New York City hotels seem to be as numerous as the stars in the sky! However, if you want the best hotels in NYC with balcony access, then this top ten list will help you find the most stunning city views to wake up to.

When it comes to New York City hotels, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Because if you are looking for a room or suite with a balcony, then it is best to aim for the best neighborhoods. Not to mention the best prices! There is so much to see and do in NYC, you shouldn’t have to fret over your hotel. That’s why we have put together this helpful list. 

Our List of the 10 Best Hotels in NYC with Balcony Views: 

  • The Ludlow New York City
  • Royalton Park Avenue
  • Dream Downtown
  • Andaz 5th Avenue
  • The Broome
  • Marmara Park Avenue
  • The Gotham Hotel 
  • The Mondrian Hotel
  • SIXTY LES Hotel
  • Hotel Giraffe

Finding the right hotel for your holiday is easy when you have a helpful list to guide your way. There are a few things to remember while you plan you holiday, as well as various options for balconies to consider. However, this top ten list can take you in the right direction.

Hotels In NYC with Balcony Access Breakdown

There are many high-quality hotels in New York City that offer balcony access as well as outdoor terraces. Sometimes the balconies are small, with only a few feet. While others are full terraces with stunning plants and amazing views. Nonetheless, it is good to see what all of these fantastic hotels can offer you at a glance. 

Here is a breakdown of the hotels in NYC with Balcony Access: 

HotelBalcony TypeAccommodations Cost

The Ludlow

Balcony rooms, Suites, Penthouse Terraces, Roof Top Terrace

Restaurant Access, Bar, Pet Friendly, Close to Museums, as well as Night Life, Fitness Center, Garden Terrace


Royalton Park Avenue

Studio Balcony, Suites, Penthouse

Fitness Center, Pool, Pet Friendly, Bar and Lounge, Child Friendly, Close to Parks and Night Life


Dream Downtown

Balcony Rooms, Poolside Rooms, Luxury Penthouse Terraces

Fitness Center, Pet Friendly, Bar and Lounge, Night Club, Private Parking, Centrally located


Andaz 5th Avenue

Balcony Suites, Terrace Suites, Balcony Rooms

Makeup Services, Centrally located, Bar and Lounge, Fitness Center, Valet Parking, Pet Friendly


The Broome

Balcony Rooms, Terrace Suites, Public Terrace and Outdoor Space

Coffee Shop, Kids Club, Patio Access, Baggage Storage, Laundry Service


Marmara Park Avenue

Balcony Rooms, Terrace Suites

Pool, Pet Friendly, Bar, Spa, Restaurant, Centrally Located


The Gotham Hotel

Balcony Rooms, Penthouse Terrace Options

Restaurant, Pet Friendly, Bar, Family Friendly


The Mondrian Hotel

Balcony Rooms, Terrace Suites and Penthouses, Public Terrace

Pet Friendly, Bar and Lounge Space, Breakfast 


Sixty LES

Balcony Rooms, Private Terrace Suites

Night Club, Fitness Center, Bar and Lounge, Pool, Rooftop Terrace, Babysitting Services


Hotel Giraffe

Balcony Rooms, Balcony Suites

Grand Lobby with Refreshments, Lots of Community Spaces, Restaurant, Kid Friendly, Bar and Lounge


All the Juicy Details

Though having all of this information at your fingertips is quite helpful, it does not give you enough to make an informed decision. However, we have taken the time to give you more specific details so you can plan ahead. So if you are in town on business, or a romantic engagement getaway, there is a balcony for you! Read on to find out more about these amazing hotels and what they can offer you on your NYC getaway.

The Ludlow New York City

Nestled in the Lower East Side, right off of Ludlow, you will find the aptly named The Ludlow Hotel New York City. You will not only have one of the best hotels in NYC with balcony access, but you’ll also have practically everything you need. From Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop, to the Con Artist Collective and Rough Trade, the Ludlow is situated in midst of everything. 

There are several options for balcony access in the hotel. Above all, whether you book a penthouse, or try for a queen room with balcony, you’ll have extraordinary views. Not to mention a well-reviewed staff and plenty of NYC entertainment choices near by. The luxury of the Ludlow, with the modern tapestries and furniture, will make you fall in love with this incredible hotel. That is, if the views don’t do it for you. 

Royalton Park Avenue

Located on the corner of 20th and Park Avenue, the Royalton Hotel offers visitors a truly unique experience. All in all, if you stay here, you get an uptown luxury experience, with the downtown vibe. There are not only suites and penthouse options for balcony access, but also many rooms with Juliet balconies! The Royalton gives you a lot of outdoor space options. 

Just a few blocks from the iconic Flat Iron, the Royalton gives visitors big rooms, as well as excellent service. Most of their online reviews are raves about how incredibly helpful their staff is to guests. Not to mention how clean and well-kept all of the rooms are. Moreover, this hotel has a great location, amazing staff, and stunning downtown views from your balcony can all be yours if you stay here! 

Dream Downtown

A boutique hotel that has a fabulous location, is filled with unique design elements, as well as having wonderful balcony rooms available.  All of that can be yours if you book your stay at the Dream Downtown. Furthermore, they offer balcony access in many rooms. Whether you choose a poolside suite, or a room with a view, this really is one of the best hotels in NYC with balcony options. 

The Dream Downtown is located near the Chelsea Market, the High Line, as well as the West Village. Not to mention, you’ll have access to incredible amenities, and stunning design elements. You’ll never forget the contrast between the animal prints, the stark metal accents, or even the unique circular windows. A real exploration of modern design at the Dream Downtown. 

Andaz 5th Avenue

Finding a cozy, modern place to rest your head isn’t always easy. However, the Andaz 5th Avenue is one of those incredible hotels that brings together natural lighting and modern style. They offer several options for balconies, including suites, balcony rooms, as well as public terrace spaces. 

Designed by renowned designer Tony Chi, this hotel offers spacious and luxuriously modern rooms. Not to mention it is located in the Bryant Park area near Midtown Manhattan. You’ll be close to the New York Public Library, Times Square, Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building, as well as the Theatre District. Furthermore, you’d have incredible balcony views and top of the line amenities. 

The Broome

If you are looking for one of the cozier hotels in NYC with balcony rooms, then look no further than the Broome. This hotel offers charming balcony rooms, as well as spacious terrace suites. You’d have commanding views of SoHo. Not to mention a relaxing atmosphere. Their design elements are rich, neutral colors and the entire hotel feels as if it were made for comfort. 

By staying at this cozy retreat, you would be near several restaurants, shopping locations, as well as all that SoHo has to offer. This is also a great place to stop on your East Coast family vacation, as they have many positive reviews from families! If you’re looking for a comfortable place to rest, that really is a getaway from the bustle of the city, this is definitely the hotel for you. 

Marmara Park Avenue

The Marmara Park Avenue offers guests everything from private Juliet Balconies, as well as spacious outdoor terraces. The rooms are filled with dark hues, and brightly colored accents. Not only that, but also clean cut furniture and modern textures. All in all, if you stay here, you’ll have beautiful views of Midtown from your gorgeous balcony room. 

Marmara is located in Midtown, just a stone’s throw away from exciting New York City tourist spots. Of course it is also close to quaint Midtown treasures you can only find in NYC. Comfort, elegance, and the luxuries of NYC are all at your fingertips with this stunning hotel. 

The Gotham Hotel 

If you’re looking for an outdoor space, close to Bryant Park, Midtown, and so many other NYC attractions, then the Gotham Hotel is for you. Not only do they offer clean, comfortable rooms, but also lots of balcony room options. Whether you want to visit Rockefeller Center, or be a short walk away from Times Square, Gotham has it all. 

Additionally, the Gotham Hotel offers luxury at a reasonable price. Their balcony rooms have an affordable nightly rate, so this fantastic hotel can fit any budget. This truly is one of the best hotels in NYC with balcony rooms and enormous terrace suites!

The Mondrian Hotel

Brightly decorated, with awe-inspiring views of the city, the Mondrian Hotel is a truly unique experience. You can choose between a few balcony suite rooms, as well as simple balcony access rooms. Also, the variety of balcony options are very spacious. The various textures and colors, mixed with the beautiful natural lighting make these balcony rooms a rare NYC experience. 

Located in the NoMad neighborhood in Manhattan, this property is made for worldly travelers. Not only is the entire building filled with art, color, and comfort, but also a bold sophistication. Enjoy the rooftop lounge, walk a few blocks to iconic NYC hot spots, as well as enjoy your private balcony space! Not to mention all of the luxury amenities.


If you are looking for a modern, exciting hotel stay, then look no further than SIXTY LES. This hotel has a wide range of rooms offering balcony and terrace access. If you stay here, you’ll get great views of the Lower East Side. Not to mention a long list of amenities!

The SIXTY LES is in the heart of a neighborhood where the cuisine, nightlife, music, as well as eclectic vibes all come together to create a very NYC atmosphere. For Example, you won’t be far from spirited fun nights out, or incredible brunch spots. Not only that, but also amazing city views from you hotel room balcony. 

Hotel Giraffe

With elegantly decorated and comfortable space, a balcony room at the Hotel Giraffe NYC will be the highlight of your trip. You will find this hotel has a lot of balcony options with their terrace guest rooms, as well as their balcony queen rooms and suite options. All things considered, this brightly colored hotel, with it’s comfortable furniture and incredible location will make for a fun-filled stay. 

You can find the Hotel Giraffe just a few blocks from Madison Square Park, as well as just a short trip from the Empire State Building and the Flatiron. However, while the location is in a really popular NYC area, you’ll find this hotel is really low-key.

The relaxing environment is all due to the boutique, cozy atmosphere of this hotel. Not to mention you can spend the day taking in all of the amazing local restaurants, go out on the town that night, then have a wonderfully restful stay at the Hotel Giraffe. 

Hotels in NYC with Balcony Rooms Just for You!

Certainly, you can note that there is so much to see and do in New York City. Finding the right hotel doesn’t have to be difficult! All things considered, you can have a unique boutique stay or a modern and all-hours experience with this top ten list of hotels in NYC with balcony rooms. This helpful list narrows down the best hotels just for your next visit. 

Find a luxury stay at the Andaz 5th Avenue, or take in the best of SoHo at the relaxing Broome. No matter why you are in New York City, there is a hotel for you. Not only that but also a hotel with an incredible balcony view! Use this top ten list to book your next trip to NYC and wake up to your own, beautiful cityscapes.

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As a freelance writer, I have been creating content and writing blogs for over a decade. Not only do I love writing about traveling, but I also have experience in many other fields. I have been a guest writer on many popular blogs, as well as ghostwritten novels. When I’m not writing, you can find me with my family, reading a book, or working on an art project! Not to mention traveling around the globe!

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