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5 Best Denver Hotels With Balcony

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denver hotels with balcony

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The Mile High city in the heart of Colorado is where you can see the beating hooves of the Broncos. Not to mention where gorgeous mountain views take on soaring sky scrapers.

Denver truly is one of the most charming cities in the United States. There are many amazing restaurants, event spaces, as well as spectacular hotels. Our list of the five best Denver hotels with balcony will make your choice of hotel that much easier! 

There is definitely something for everyone in Denver. However, finding the right hotels with balcony access can be a challenge.

While some hotels claim they have balcony spaces, they are simply just public terraces or open outdoor bars. Not to mention large windows that simply open to a giant metal bar! All in all, there are a few unique hotels that will make your stay in Denver memorable and give you spectacular city scapes. 

Here are our choices for the five best hotels in Denver with balcony rooms: 

  • The Maven Hotel
  • Warwick Denver
  • Renaissance Denver
  • The Art Hotel

These beautiful hotels will give you brilliant mountain views, as well as quality service. Our list is comprised of unique boutique stays, affordable accommodations, and amazing amenities.

Every option on our list will be a conveniently located hotel in this major metropolitan area. Read on to find out more about what each of these hotels have to offer and what you can expect when you book a stay in Denver! 

Breaking Down Denver Hotels with Balcony Access

In order to know exactly what you are getting into, we are going to break down what each of our five hotels offers. Not only do these hotels offer balcony and terrace rooms, but also fantastic amenities.

Choosing the best hotel for you, your friends, or your family, means knowing exactly how much bang you will get for your buck!

That’s why we have taken the time to sort out all of the basic amenities for you in an easy to understand chart.

Here is a quick glance at the extra amenities and standard perks of these Denver hotels with balcony access:

HotelBalcony RoomsAmenitiesPrice
The Maven HotelMany Standard Room Balcony Options, as well as Suite Rooms with BalconiesFitness Center, Valet Parking, Bar, Pet Friendly, Conference Facilities, Restaurant, Centrally Located$$$
Warwick DenverBalcony Access in Several Room Types, as well as Public Terrace and Balcony SpacesValet Parking, Outdoor and Indoor Pool Areas, Restaurant, Poolside Bar, Fitness Center, Bar and Lounge Area$$
Renaissance Denver Central Park HotelBalcony Rooms, as well as Suite OptionsBar and Lounge, Pool, Outdoor Pool, Restaurant, Bar, Pet Friendly, Fitness Center, Centrally Located$$
HALCYONVarious Balcony Room OptionsOutdoor Pool, Rooftop Pool, Bar and Lounge, Pet Friendly, Fitness Center, Bicycles Available, Gear Rental (Reservations Required)$$$
The Art HotelBalcony Options are Limited, Suites Primarily Fitness Room, Bar and Lounge, Valet Parking, Bicycle Rental, Shuttle Services, Restaurant, Rooftop Bar, Rooftop Terrace$$

Each hotel will over you something different and special to its style. However, each hotel grants guests amazing balcony views of the city of Denver.

A quick glance can let you glean what a hotel may offer as far as basics go. But you do not want to accidentally book a place in Colorado Springs, or for far too much money.

All things considered, the more you know, the more informed decision you can make for booking your stay. That being said, we have taken the time to research all the best things our hotels have to offer beyond basic amenities. 

Take a closer look at all the amazing features these Denver hotels with balcony rooms have to offer you, as well as the various types of balcony options available for each location. 

The Maven Hotel

Stationed in Denver’s Lower Downtown District, the Maven Hotel is a unique and colorful experience. Not only will you have amazing balcony options, but you’ll also be surrounded by beauty.

Each balcony room and standard room include modern, comfortable furniture. Not to mention incredibly rich colors and beautiful art. There are lots of options available for a room with a balcony, so be certain to choose the best view when you book here.

The Maven Hotel offers Denver visitors a boutique experience in the LoDo neighborhood. It is comprised of older buildings that have been refurbished and completely redone.

Denver has kept the quaint look of the exterior of these historical buildings, but completely updated them for modern use. The renovated Windsor Dairy area, where you can find the Maven includes all of the following: 

  • 15 shops and boutiques
  • 19 restaurants
  • 7 bars
  • Luxury co-working space

Not to mention the stunning Maven Hotel. All things considered, the beauty of the lobby and their spacious balcony rooms do not even compare to their amazing service.

So many reviews online boast of their attention to detail, as well as their friendly and hard-working staff. After all, when it comes to a hotel stay, sure it’s great to wake up to an amazing mountain view, but it really is the staff that makes your stay extra special

If you’re looking for something to write home about in the Dairy Block in LoDo Denver, then the Maven is the best of the Denver hotels with balcony rooms for you. You can explore the revamped neighborhood, and relax in a comfortable, modern room in the heart of Denver, and enjoy the friendly and reliable staff. 

Warwick Denver

If you are looking for warmth and luxury in a Denver hotel, then the Warwick is the right choice for you. Located next to the Central Business District of Denver, the Warwick is a great choice for people looking to book balcony rooms.

Not only do they offer balconies, but each one has comfortable outdoor seating. All in all, the balconies are only some of the incredible features you get. 

The Warwick is designed for comfort, as well as function. Walk-in closets, spacious and beautifully decorated rooms, comfortable furniture, and many amenities. The hotel offers a wide range of food and beverage for all of their guests.

The Gattara Restaurant and Bar offers scrumptious Neapolitan, brick oven pizzas. While the poolside bar allows you to soak up the sun and the cocktails.

Whether you are in town for business or pleasure, the Warwick will give you incredible Downtown Denver Views. Not to mention cozy and enchanting balcony rooms. Choose between a variety of balcony and terrace options throughout the hotel.

Additionally, the Warwick is surprisingly affordable. They offer discounts for a wide variety or guests, as well as remarkable prices all year round.

Like most hotels, booking in advance will have a lot of benefits for your wallet. However, the Warwick appears to stay in a reasonable price range no matter when you book your stay. Save a few dollars in Denver, but still get your monies worth for the views!

Renaissance Denver Central Park Hotel

Located conveniently between the Denver International Airport and the Downtown Denver area, the Renaissance Hotel is one of the best Denver hotels with balcony rooms for your mile high stay.

Your balcony rooms will over look the Stapleton area, as well as stunning mountain vistas. Not only that, but it would be rather difficult to miss the turn to your hotel, as the marvelous architecture will draw your eye immediately. 

There are many options for comfortable balcony rooms, including various bed sizes and room size. Walking into the lobby you will feel the uniqueness of the geometric designs, as well as various textiles and textures used throughout the hotel.

It is cozy, while at the same time appearing to be out of a science fiction movie. The exterior designs flow elegantly into the hotel making it feel like a work of art. A great pick for the best Denver hotels with balcony rooms!

The hotel is also very close to a lot of different Denver attractions. Making this an excellent choice for balcony rooms, as well as a great place to stay for a fun-filled vacation.

All in all, you are a short drive away from the Denver Zoo, the Museum of Nature and Science, the Colorado Convention Center, Coors Field, and more! Rest your head at the Renaissance Hotel and wake up to gorgeous balcony views. 


The Halcyon Hotel in the Cherry Creek area of Denver is one of the most fun, as well as functional, hotels on our list.

The rooms with balconies available range from Terrace Rooms, to Queen Lofts, as well as Presidential Suites and Executive Suites. Not only does it have exceptional balcony rooms and out door spaces, but it also offers a wide variety of amenities. 

This luxury hotel offers check in at what they call the “Kitchen Counter” where you can order coffee, check into your room, as well as order wine and cocktails.

There is a gear room, where guests can truly take on the outdoors Colorado style. No matter if it is winter or summer!

This unique addition to the hotel allows guests to explore Denver in an exciting way. Not to mention allow for the whole family to share in some fun-filled frivolity. 

This means they can use the complimentary gear as a part of their luxury stay. The gear includes the following: 

  • Yoga mats
  • Cruisers
  • Piaggo Scooters
  • New Belgium Cruiser Bikes
  • Hamboards
  • Longboard Skateboards
  • Go Pros
  • Board Games
  • Adventure Kits 

Not to mention you can go on adventures with the gear, and then come back to top of the line cuisine to refuel. A unique addition to our list of the best Denver hotels with balcony rooms.

The Halcyon is located near a large number of restaurants, coffee shops, as well as the Cherry Creek Shopping Center and Denver Country Club. The location, the incredible balconies, and the fascinating rooms and decor make staying here an experience you’ll never forget. 

The Art Hotel

This brightly colored haven in the middle of Downtown Denver will have you loving your stunning Denver balcony. They offer suites with balcony and terrace options, as well as a rooftop terrace with a bar.

All of the balcony options are affordable. However, they greatly range in price. So choosing the right balcony room may come down to how much you want to spend. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Mile High City while you sip your coffee at the Art hotel. 

This colorful hotel is aptly named, in that it is filled to the brim with marvelous modern art. The lobby, elevators, as well as rooms and common areas have perfectly picked pieces to make your stay here as lovely as possible.

Not only is there art everywhere, but there is also a wide variety of amenities. From valet parking, to bicycle rentals, there are so many things that will make your stay enjoyable. 

The bathrooms in each room are incredibly spacious. The rooms are colorful, yet cozy. Additionally, the modern, clean lines of the furniture and features make the rooms a work of art too!

Full sized tubs, giant showers, as well as beautiful accent pieces make each room special. If you’re looking for a great place to stay with a friendly staff and one of the best Denver Hotels with balcony rooms, then the Art Hotel is for you! 

The Best Denver Hotels with Balcony Rooms Just for You!

Colorado is one of the most incredible states to visit while you tour the US, or make your way to Denver for a specific holiday. Not only are there lots of outdoor activities, but also cities like Denver that offer big city amenities.

Whether you are flying in to go skiing on the mountains, or to catch a Broncos game, Denver has a lot to offer the whole family. Especially when you find the right hotel with amazing balcony views.

Each of the options on our list has several balcony rooms and suites available for you to book. Whether you want to adventure with style and luxury at the Halcyon, or have a comfortable and affordable stay at the Warwick, our list has just the right options for you.

Find the best Denver hotels with balcony rooms on our list, and make your stay in the Mile High city one to remember! 

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As a freelance writer, I have been creating content and writing blogs for over a decade. Not only do I love writing about traveling, but I also have experience in many other fields. I have been a guest writer on many popular blogs, as well as ghostwritten novels. When I’m not writing, you can find me with my family, reading a book, or working on an art project! Not to mention traveling around the globe!

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