The Best Hotels Off the Strip in Las Vegas

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If you are on your way to Las Vegas, you will be most likely be looking for a hotel room, the perfect place to escape the noise and the people.  Many people choose to stay on the Strip, the main drag in Vegas that boasts wonderful hotels.  But, if you are looking for something a bit lower scale or a bit less frenetic, off the Strip may be the solution for you.

The most obvious off the Strip area is Downtown.  Not far from the action of the Strip, Downtown boasts its own vibe and its own feeling.  It feels much more like Old Vegas while the Strip is all that is new.

Golden Nugget

For a true sense of Old Las Vegas, this is the hotel for you.  One of the oldest hotels in town that is still accepting guests, it is situated right in the heart of Downtown.  To combat the criticism that it was not aging well, the hotel recently added the Rush Tower.  It is here that the rooms are much more upscale and contain more of the modern amenities one might find on the Strip.

This is the perfect hotel in which to learn to play some of the more complicated casino games.  Lessons are held nearly daily and some of the tables have limits low enough that a night at a table won’t leave you frantically searching for your credit card the next day.


The Four Queens

Another hotel that is nearly as old as the city of Las Vegas itself, this is a wonderful hotel if you are on a budget.  Offering exceptional pricing for such a centrally located hotel, it does not have a lot of the glitz that some others do.  It does, however, offer all the basics, a pool, a casino, and dining options that are also a throwback to an earlier time.


El Cortez

The only hotel in Las Vegas listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, this is another Downtown hotel that can be a bargain.  Although it, too, can not boast the glamor or the glitz of the hotels on the Strip, it does offer a wonderful casino.  If you are a serious gamer, this is one to consider as the hotel will serve you full meals as you sit at the tables.

Across the street are the Cabana Suites, part of the El Cortez family.  This a boutique hotel with fewer rooms and more amenities for which you will pay for the privilege of staying.


As you may imagine, there are several wonderful hotels that are neither on the Strip nor Downtown.

Palms Casino Resort

A block west of the Strip, the Palms is the place for people who want a truly different experience in Las Vegas.  One of its three towers is filled with “fantasy suites.”  These range from a room that doubles as a full basketball court to a Barbie suite in which everything is pink.

This is the hotel that prides itself on the best nightclubs showcasing the best musical acts.  Many a famous celebrity has been spotted in the clubs and the paparazzi have been known to stalk the entrance.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Like the other venues that share its name, this hotel is filled with rock-and-roll memorabilia.  It is, however, much more than that.  It has become a destination venue for rock bands both old and new to hang out and to perform.  Boasting a very youthful feel, the hotel is filled with wonderful restaurants and more than its fair share of hip clubs and bars.  Although it is a short walk east from the Strip, there is enough life and energy in this venue to make you feel as though you haven’t ventured far.

If you are feeling the effects of the rock lifestyle, this hotel boasts wonderful pools, a full fitness center and a spa to rival any on the Strip.


Platinum Hotel and Spa

What makes this hotel, a couple of blocks east of the Strip, unique is that is does not have a casino.  What it does have is nicely sized meeting rooms, making it perfect for the business traveller.  The rooms are large for Vegas standards and, therefore, caters to families as well.  While it does have the requisite dining options and spa, this hotel is more for the people who want to come to Las Vegas, venture Downtown or onto the Strip, then escape to a true oasis.

The Best Hotels in Las Vagas!

For more information about any of the myriad hotels in Las Vegas, click here.  Even better, leave a comment about your hotel experiences off the Strip and share your stories with others.

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Tim Baker is a travel junkie. He is really addicted to travelling and loves writing about his experiences and travel guides. When he is not travelling he is either writing his travel guides or enjoys playing tennis

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