Exploring The 10 Best Beaches in Louisiana

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best beaches in louisiana

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Tying to find out more about the best beaches in Louisiana?

Louisiana’s wetlands may be more well-known than its pure expanses of sand. But, make no mistake: the Bayou state has some spectacular beaches. So, are you ready to trade your stress for clean waters, blue skies, and palm trees?

Whether you’re planning a friends’ retreat, family vacation, or a romantic getaway for two, you can’t go wrong with a beach holiday. From beautiful interior lakes to radiant Gulf Coast shorelines, here are the ten most gorgeous Louisiana beaches you should visit.

Elmer’s Island Wildlife Refuge Beach

If you are longing for a long walk along a shoreline and a great place to sit back and watch the sunset, ride the waves, or have a picnic, then we recommend you go to Elmer’s Island Wildlife Refuge Beach.

This Louisiana beach is located close to one of Louisiana’s biggest cities. This helps not only with visiting many different places but also allows everyone who comes here to feel like they’re still part of all that New Orleans has to offer. The beach provides excellent proximity to some truly fascinating critters and also has a variety of vibrant shoreline activities available, 

louisiana beaches

Lake Claiborne State Park

Lake Claiborne State Park, located in the north-central section of Louisiana, is nestled among lovely southern pine forests and offers well-equipped and peaceful camping cabins, hiking paths, animal watching possibilities, and more. It is the spot for the best beaches in Louisiana hands down.

But one of the most compelling reasons for tourists to visit this park is Its lovely freshwater beach, which runs along an inlet and shields waders and sunbathers from the noise of boaters and the waterskiers they frequently tow. When you’re not fishing for meals, you can relax on the sandy coast and be satisfied.

Holly Beach

Holly Beach is also dubbed as the “Cajun Riviera,” and it’s easy to see why once you visit. This small coastal village is surrounded by typical Louisiana wetlands and marshes and is famed for its gleaming white sands and gentle, calming wake. This stretch of beach is recognized for its windsurfing potential and is a fantastic site for shell hunters.

Fountainebleau State Park Beach

Fontainebleau State Park Beach is a top-rated weekend destination for many local Louisiana residents. It features a shimmering lake beach, but there’s much more to the park than just that. It has several water playgrounds and an innovative way to help families and friends cool off from the summertime heat. The hiking trails are also incredibly beneficial because these trails are not only easy but will also allow visitors to better acquaint themselves with this beautiful state park as well as its surroundings.

South Toledo Bend State Park Beach

South Toledo Bend State Park is located amid the state’s western side. It features a plethora of exciting attractions, one of which is its gleaming seashore. This beach is a quick trip from many of the state’s interior cities, yet it’s also a terrific weekend getaway for people who live along the coast.

This state park is famed for its soft dunes and clean waterways, but it also has some of the most fantastic bass fishing in the south and is a popular place for wildlife and bird watchers. What’s more, there is on-site camping, although there are numerous more campgrounds in the neighboring wilderness regions.

Cypremort Point Beach

Sandwiched between the Vermillion and West Cote Blanche Bays is a beautiful stretch of sand known as Cypremort Point State Park. Spanning approximately 200 acres in size, this marshland also features a fishing pier and boat ramp.

Though swimming and sunbathing are popular here, the park is most famous for its fishing opportunities as it boasts numerous grills and picnic areas where you can whip up your very own dinner from fresh catches straight from the bay. Showers, washing stations, restrooms, and more are available nearby.

North Beach

Lake Charles is a thriving border town that has grown with the constant influx of people relocating to its riverside location. Want to know what it’s really like living in this area?

Take a trip out to one of the best beaches in Louisiana, North Beach. Here you’ll get a real feel for the magnificent soft white sand that perfumes its shores and the calm, shallow waters where families can swim without fear of deeper currents.

Because tourists flock here during the summer and beyond, there are plenty of amenities – like volleyball courts and picnic tables – available so you can enjoy your beach time without having to look far or leave your immediate location. Of course, if you want to get a feel for everything else this area has to offer, from colleges and festivals to shopping local vendors, be sure not to miss out on visiting Lake Charles itself.

Grand Isle Beach

Grand Isle State Park, which is tucked along the Gulf Coast and bordered by a network of bays, is most renowned for its many sandy stretches of waterfront, especially for people who live in the New Orleans area.

Besides its pristine beaches, Grand Isle State Park also houses nature trails for those who want some exercise or simply want to descend into the undisturbed lands beyond its campsites. With its unique mixture of modernized amenities and natural scenery, it’s no surprise that this serene getaway has become one of Louisiana’s most sought-after spots.

Rutherford Beach

Considered one of the best beaches in all of Louisiana, Rutherford Beach is valued for its beautiful scenery and relaxed atmosphere. The grassy dunes are soft and, best of all, superb for spreading out your beach essentials. It may be hard to spot shells against the sand without a keen eye but do make an effort to search them out – they’re usually only a palmful away. And while we don’t recommend this beach in terms of swimming (the current is a bit strong), the soothing sound of breaking waves will keep you relaxed and enjoying nature day after day.

White Sands Lake Beach

Off the beaten path, but equally beautiful, is the secluded White Sands Lake. In addition to golden sands, clear waters, and stunning natural scenery, this family vacation destination boasts resort-style amenities, including plenty of places to stay as well as opportunities for family fun.  From large trampolines, and teeter-totters, to floating mats for rent and a volleyball court, this beach comes complete with fun amenities.

For those looking to take things a bit slower, check out the nearby available board rentals, perfect for on-water adventures. There’s no need to travel far from New Orleans for some adventure — just head over to White Sands Lake, one of the best beaches in Louisiana!

The Best Beaches in Louisiana!

Louisiana is full of great attractions for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts, not just beach-lovers. State parks, hiking trails, and campgrounds abound in Louisiana. Whether you’re a bird lover, a hiker, an angler, a nature lover, or just looking for a great place to take the kids, Louisiana has something for you. So get out there for a fun day in the great outdoors. And make sure to include a visit to one or two of the best beaches in Louisiana from our list. Enjoy!

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As a freelance writer, I have been creating content and writing blogs for over a decade. Not only do I love writing about traveling, but I also have experience in many other fields. I have been a guest writer on many popular blogs, as well as ghostwritten novels. When I’m not writing, you can find me with my family, reading a book, or working on an art project! Not to mention traveling around the globe!

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