Game of Thrones Filming Locations: Where To Find Them

Game of Thrones Filming Locations: Where To Find Them 1 Comment

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You must have seen or even just heard of the most epic TV series on our screens at the moment. One of the most amazing things about the program is the scenery and locations where the episodes are set. If you have ever watched the show and thought ‘I want to go there’ then read on to find out more about the most popular Game of Thrones filming locations.

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Here are six countries that are home to Game of Thrones Filming Locations for you to explore:


Dubrovnik Croatia - game of thrones filming location

You may already know that Croatia is home to many Game of Thrones filming locations as it’s popularity has grown in recent years.

The coastal old town city walls in Dubrovnik is where you will find the setting for the legendary Kings Landing. The most incredible thing is it actually looks, in real life, just like you what you have seen on TV. The waves crashing against the rocks beneath the old stone walls and stunning orange tiled rooves. It’s all here. You’ll also find the Fort just outside the old town. Perched high on a cliff and Minceta tower, both which you will have seen regularly featured.

You can find the lush island of Lokrum just off the coast of Dubrovnik which is the filming location for some scenes of Qarth and where Daenerys spends most of her time in season two.

Split further north along the coast from Dubrovnik, is used as two locations when filming in Croatia and is probably lesser known. This includes the historic Diocletian’s Palace transformed into the former city of Meereen. Have you been to Croatia and visited any of these locations?

Northern Ireland

Ireland dark hedges - Game of Thrones filming locationsWith such beautiful and mysterious scenery in this part of the world, then, of course, Northern Ireland would be chosen for Game of Thrones filming locations. If you like rugged scenery and landscapes then you will love this place.

You can see Castle Ward in Northern Ireland as featured as Winterfell in the first two seasons. The Gothic architecture and acres of lands will give you the impression of the harsh, although peaceful gardens that are home to the Starks.

Murlough Bay is a beautiful, remote destination in Northern Ireland and a great place as a film location for the Iron Islands. You can imagine Theon and Yara riding through the waves in this harsh but stunning place.

Head north on the Bregagh Road in Ballymoney and you will find the dark hedges that line the Kings Road. Recognise this road? You might remember it from scenes north of Kingslanding, where you saw Arya escaping from being taken to the nights watch.


Iceland - Game of Thrones filming locations

Most of the scenery you see North of the wall is in beautiful Iceland. With all that Iceland has to offer it;s not surprising that visitor numbers are on the increase.

Lake Myvatn, which is near the town of Akureyri, is where you will have seen the wildling army make camp in the third season. A stunning and magical place to visit and increasingly popular with tourists.

Vatnajökull is the mysterious land Beyond the Wall and home to mysterious creatures. Looking out into the distant snowy mountain tops you might start to believe in white walkers and Giants too! The large glacier easily creates a sense of fantasy.

The most southern city in Iceland is Höfðabrekka and it sits on top of Katla, the Volcano. Yes, it already sounds like something out of a great story! No wonder this place is the set for the Frostfang Mountains, where Jon Snow ventures out beyond the wall.


ait-ben-haddou- Game of Thrones filming locations

With its ancient city landscapes and deserts, Morroco has long been a popular destination for film and tv makers. The sweeping skies and vistas keep film enthusiasts and visitors constantly excited.

Aït-Ben-Haddou, south of Marrakech is a historic city high on a hill overlooking the sandy desert. The scenery is just right for the sets of the free cities Yunkai and Pentos. Expect to see Daenerys Targaryen commanding this area in the upcoming series.

Atlas Corporation Studios is located in the Moroccan desert which you find just outside of the city of Ouarzazate. When you visit you will see why they are a major tourist attraction. As the world’s largest film studios you get to see many of the film sets that are still intact. And if you are lucky some exceptional scenery from Game of Thrones.


Girona Spain Game of Thrones filming location

So many places in Spain are used as Game of Thrones filming locations and because of this, it might be hard to spot them all. However, as you can see below there is a varied and interesting landscape for you to enjoy here.

Girona in Catalonia is also known as the free city of Braavos. This medieval city is about an hour north of Barcelona.  You will enjoy seeing Girona Cathedral, standing at the top of its sweep of steps, the old Jewish Quarter and the stunning Arab Baths. Excitingly all of these sights are part of the set for the latest season.

Bardenas Reales natural park is thought to be the incredible setting for the Dothraki sea in the next season. Is it a desert? Is it the ocean? Upon visiting you can see these rock formations offer a stunning mysterious destination for amazing scenes.

Alcázar de Sevilla in Seville transforms into the gardens of Dorne. The Caliphs originally built the lush gardens and private rooms, most noteworthy, they were also once occupied by Catholic Monarchs.

Where else can you find Game of Thrones Filming locations?

Malta is also a filming location as well as Scotland and Italy too. It really is such an epic TV show with sets all over the world. No wonder fans flock to these places to get a look at the destinations for themselves. Looking at these amazing places I’m sure you’ll be planning your next trip whether you are a fan or not. What do you think?

Have you ever visited any of the Game of Thrones filming locations? Which is your favourite destination to visit and why?

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