Tips For Taking the Best Travel Photographs

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Tips for taking the best travel photos

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You are in the most amazing destination and you want to capture the moment just as you lived it to share with everyone and for your own memories too. But how do you take the best photos you can whilst you are traveling?  There are some rules you should follow and take a little more time too. Here are some tips for taking the best travel photographs and snap those memories forever.

Ten tips for taking the best travel photographs

tips for taking the best travel photographs
Take photos at the right time of day to get the best light.

Taking the best travel photographs needn’t be an art you can’t master. There are some simple ways you can dramatically improve your travel photos and no new camera is necessary. Here are ten tips for taking the best travel photographs.

1) Avoid the midday sun

The light at midday doesn’t make for good photos. Everything is flat, and although the view your eyes can see may look fantastic, the camera won’t pick this up. The best times of day to take your travel photographs are nearer to sunrise or sunset when the light is interesting and different shadows are cast.  Did you know that buildings, people and places are given a distinctive glow at different times of the day?

2) Follow the rule of thirds

You may be fooled into thinking that your subject needs to be in the centre of your photograph, however for most parts you would be mistaken.  Following the rule of thirds means dividing your view into nine equal parts and placing your subject on one of the intersecting lines. This allows the image to flow and gives the focal point movement. Try it by taking a photo with your subject central, then see what it looks like when you move it according to the rule of thirds. You’ll see the difference straight away.

3) Avoid too many selfies

tips for taking the best travel photographs selfies
Don’t take too many selfies, maybe just a couple.

Selfies might be the thing of today and there are a time and a place to take them for effect. If you are selfie obsessed you need to remember that you don’t always need to be in the picture. You’ll be happy you took some photographs to capture the essence of the place. Without peace signs, duck faces or the latest pose that will feature in fail posts of the future.

4) Don’t use the flash

It can be tempting to use flash to brighten up your photos but you don’t need it honest! Using flash in your travel photographs loses the definition in everything you are looking at and it can wash out both people and other subjects. Use natural light where possible as save the flash for essential photographs in dark places only. Taking photos of people with flash can make for some strange face pulling too.

5) Always be ready

Sometimes the moment just presents itself and you have to be quick to capture that perfect shot. This is where having a smartphone handy is essential to taking the best travel photographs. If you want tips for taking the best travel photographs, always keep a camera handy and learn how to take burst photos. By taking burst photos you can choose the best shot without having to lose the subject.

6) Leading lines

Look at what your subject and focus is of your picture and use the scenery to lead your eyes to that in your photograph. For example using the horizon, a road or railway tracks to draw the viewers attention makes your photos more interesting. When you look at your photographs in this way it is easy to tweak your pictures and as a result, make them more appealing.

7) Frame your photos

tips for taking the best travel photographs framing
City framed by a hole in the old town walls.

Of course, that’s before you have printed them. By using the landscape such as trees or buildings you can frame your subject to create an interesting picture. Try symmetry and reflections to draw the eye around the picture and land on your focal point. This way you can make your own photos different from the normal shots especially when in an often photographed place. Look for trees, foliage, water for reflections and interesting skies to frame your amazing photos.

8) Tell a story

Instead of just pointing and shooting you should tell a story with your pictures. When photographing people and animals try to capture the emotions of the moment. You want to conjure up the feeling of the place at that time you take the photo. When photographing buildings or places, try using different settings such as light trace for cities at night to show the movement.

9) Keep it steady

For sharp photos, don’t move when taking your shot. This can be a bit tricky depending on what and where you are photographing and can be difficult with a smartphone. You might not want to lug around a big tripod but you could bring a smaller one such as a gorilla pod which can be used pretty much everywhere. To take better smartphone photos, try using your timer, or the volume button rather than tapping the screen.

10) Remember you can edit

But don’t edit too much! Because one thing to remember when taking photos is that you want to preserve the sharpness. Taking a wider photo instead of using digital zoom means you can crop later. Don’t add too many filters or blur to your photos as you will lose all the hard work you put in taking the best shot. In conclusion, carefully make small edits to enhance your photo, but not to change it.

These Amazing Tips for Taking the Best Travel Photographs Will Change Everything!

With these tips for taking the best travel photographs, you will start improving your travel photography skills right away. The best thing is it doesn’t matter what you are shooting with, a high-end camera or your smartphone. These tips can be put to use with the device you are using to snap those pics. Get ready for some awesome Instagram worthy photos to share with the world.

Will you be using any of these tips next time you snap those travel shots and which is your favorite tip?

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