The Summer Solstice: How to Spend it in The Lake District

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Lake District a relaxing atmosphere

While there are dozens of places around the UK to celebrate the summer solstice, it could be argued that none of them quite a stunning of a setting as The Lake District. With plenty of local events taking place to celebrate the occasion in some truly stunning locations, there is no shortage of ways to spend your time in the Lake District during midsummer.

What is Summer Solstice?

Taking place on Friday 21st June this year, the summer solstice is the longest day of the year. Also known as midsummer, the day has been celebrated for centuries and marks the point in the year when the sun at its northernmost point from the equator.

Lake district for hiking lovers

To make the most of this special time, you either take advantage of the excursions and guided walks being offered by many of Lake District hotels, or choose your own way to spend the solstice either by going on a hike, visiting a historical site, or simply relaxing and making the most of the long hours of sunshine.


Lake District for Experienced Hikers

For those looking to partake in some quiet reflection, the summer solstice is the perfect time to enjoy a hike in the Lake District and take in one of its many world-famous fells. Although not the largest, Place Fell offers some breath-taking views from its location near Ullswater walking paths

Tackle it near sunrise or sunset and you will be treated one of the best views you can imagine as the rays peak over the Helvellyn range.

Group Walks or Single Adventures?

If you would prefer to go out in a group, there are also plenty of guided hikes to choose from in the area. Whether you choose one that has been specifically organized for the solstice, or simply make the most of the extended hours of daylight by exploring the area, you’ll find a guided hike to your taste.

The Lake District National Park itself is one of the many that offer guided walks, often teaching basic navigation skills as part of the day, in popular areas such as Ullswater, Grasmere, and Penrith. Just remember to bring your most comfortable walking boots as most hikes are an all-dayer.

Where Should You Go for History Buffs?

Keswick town and historical stone circle

The Castlerigg stone circle located near Keswick will no doubt prove a popular location to enjoy midsummer this year, as it does every year. Built in the late Neolithic Era around 3000 BC, the stone circle at Castlerigg is estimated to be one of the earliest built in Britain.

While most history buffs will no doubt head to Stonehenge to celebrate, the Castlerigg site offers an equally-beautiful and fascinating alternative.

Relaxing Spots in the Lake District

It would be doing The Lake District a disservice to mention the area without also highlighting all the relaxing ways you could spend your time there. You can celebrate the longest day of the year by making the most of the extended hours of brightness.

Lake District a relaxing atmosphere

Whether your idea of relaxing is a gentle walk or perhaps renting a boat out for the day on one of the many bodies of water, you’ll be sure the find a way to spend your time that will let you forget about the worries of everyday life and enjoy the solstice.

For those who would prefer to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground, the numerous historical houses and estates in the Lake District area offer yet another way to celebrate the arrival of summer. Locations like Mirehouse have stunning grounds and well-manicured gardens which are a joy to tour when they are in full bloom.

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