How to Get Ready for a Long Cruise

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Ready for a Long Cruise

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Is a long cruise your cherished dream? Are you preparing for it? If yes, it can be stressful and difficult, especially when it’s your first trip, as there are many nuances that you should consider to make your cruise unforgettable and avoid problems that can darken your trip. So let’s dive in! 

Ensure That You Don’t Have Seasickness

It’s the first thing that you should do. All because some people have seasickness and even don’t know about it. And therefore, before cruising, it’s a good idea to consult a doctor. 

It’s better to spend time on this now than suffer and search for a doctor later. 

Get Vaccinated

The second thing is also related to medicine. You should get vaccinated. In some cases, especially if you want to vacation for more than 6 months, it will be impossible to travel without a so-called ‘green passport’ that confirms that you’re healthy.

But first, you should consult doctors and complete a full medical examination as some people aren’t allowed to get vaccinated as they have allergies to vaccine components. So spend your time on medical examinations to avoid complications. 

Consider Your Budget

When you’re vaccinated and can travel, it’s time to consider your budget. Your task is to plan it in a way to avoid spending the last days like a poor man. It means that you should avoid spending all your money on the first day on different food and entertainment. Allocate a budget for each day. 

Take Extra Money

And the crucial thing you should do is to make extra money with you. All because our life is full of emergencies, and we don’t know what problems will occur on our cruise. So it’s better to have extra money to cope with them instead of searching for it on your trip. 

Create a To-Do List

The next thing that has to be done is creating a to-do list, as it helps you avoid confusion in your deals. By having this list, you’ll see what you have to do and what is already done. As a result, you avoid an unpleasant situation when you get on the ship and realize that you don’t have t-shirts!

Refuse From Extra Things

Extra money is good, but excess things are no longer. There are many items that you should avoid packing. Let’s talk about them.


It’s better to avoid packing devices when you plan the cruise. The first reason is that they take up space and are heavy. If you need a paper helper, you can do it on your phone, although a laptop is more convenient. 

Too Many Clothing

You shouldn’t pack too much clothing as it’s too heavy. Instead, it’s better to take two t-shirts, two skirts, etc. Avoid packing items that are made of jeans as they take a lot of space.


They’re small so that you can lose them. Most likely, you won’t become happier if you realize that you’ve lost your favorite jewelry! 

Think About Clothes

Keep in mind that it can be a dress code on the ship, and in some cases, you have to wear certain clothing. For example, you can wear swimsuits only in the pool area while other places prohibit such looks. Or another instance, you have to wear formalwear in a high-end restaurant.


So, learn about the dress code that is set on the ship to pack the right clothing. 

Consider Your Connection At Sea

Think about how you’ll stay connected at sea. Of course, cruise operators offer Wi-Fi, but it’s limited when it’s free and expensive if paid. So think what is better for you: to pay a lot of money for Wi-Fi or disappear from social media and the Internet at all for a long time. 

Make Documents’ Copies

Copies are important because of emergencies you can face on a cruise. For example, you can lose your passport, or somebody can steal it. What will you do? You’ll show a copy of your passport! So copy all the important documents you have to avoid unpleasant situations on your trip. 

Think About Shore Time

When cruising, you have a limited shore time. And you should learn about entertainment on land when planning your cruise. All because usually, it isn’t included in your ticket, so you should choose the preferred activities and pay money for them in advance. Also, it’s better to book them in advance as popular ones sell out quickly. 

The Bottom Line

So now you know how to prepare for a long cruise. Of course, the list of the above tips can be longer, but we’ve told you about the main ones you should follow. Be careful when preparing for a cruise to avoid unpleasant situations that overshadow your joy and happiness.

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