The Pros and Cons of Traveling Early in Your Relationship – A Must Read!

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If you are in a new relationship, you might be wondering if it is worthwhile to go on a vacation with your partner. Managing new romantic affair can be tricky and it is unlikely that you know the direction the relationship is poised to take after a major occasion such as a romantic vacation.

Making a decision to go or not to go will take weighing the pros and cons of each decision. You should also evaluate your relation on its merits. This is to see if you’ve already built a strong enough romance to survive a dramatic or chaotic vacation.

Here are some of the pros and cons of taking a trip together with your partner early in a relationship:

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The Pros Of Traveling Early in Your Relationship:

Gauge Your Compatibility

Whether or not you are compatible as romantic partners will be one of things that will be clearly apparent. Especially after you spend a few consecutive days on a vacation together. Going on a vacation earlier on in your relationship is like putting your love path on acceleration mode. It can mean cruising through several stages of a relationship that would have taken you months to go through.

If you find that you are temperamentally, sexually, and conversationally compatible, thank the heavens and seek to strengthen your relationship. You shall have accumulated valuable information that would have otherwise taken you months to collect.

Set the Tone for a Happy Relationship

A vacation with your partner earlier on in the relationship gives you an opportunity to set the tone for a happy and adventurous relationship. By psychologically anchoring the thought that yours is a fun and adventurous relationship early in your love life, you give yourselves the license to pursue more adventures and experiences in the future.

Perception can be stronger than reality. The first few months of your relationships will shape your perception of who your partner is and how you view them will be significantly influenced by your initial impression of them.

You Get a Reliable Travel Partner

It is always fun to travel with the person you love. Joining random groups put together by tour companies can never be as fun as traveling with your significant other.

When you travel with your partner earlier on in your relationship, you may both develop an interest in travel and get yourself a travel buddy from the get-go.

Couples traveling together get more perks than solo travelers or random groups. A great number of resorts and hotels, for instance, cater exclusively to couples. There are several great romantic all-inclusive vacation resorts  in the Caribbean with every amenity and offering specifically designed for romantic lovers. All you have to do to enjoy the all-inclusive couples’ experience is to show up with your partner.

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If you’re serious about taking a couples trip – be sure to do your research. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, be sure you aren’t booking at a family-friendly resort. These resorts are centered around kids and large families.

Open Lines of Communication Early

Communication is what holds relationships together. When you can honestly and freely share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings with your partner, it is very unlikely that your relationship will fall apart. It will be clear to you where your partner is coming from when they do something another person outside of the relationship may consider outrageous.

You are a couple now and it is important that you pursue common relationship goals. You can only do this if you are openly communicating with one another and constantly sharing what you think and feel.

The Cons Of Traveling Early in Your Relationship:

Unnatural Relationship Growth

Relationships usually take predictable paths as they progress. A vacation earlier on in your relationship is like a relationship growth hack and you may short-circuit the natural growth pattern of your relationship.

This is not a bad thing per se but it can make you miss critical growth stages of a relationship that would have resulted in you building a better relationship.

The Focus Can Be Overwhelming

The vacation will be the first time you will be spending so much time with each other. This can put a lot of pressure on you or your partner to look good.

The level of attention being given to you by your partner can be overwhelming especially because it will be coming at such an early stage in your relationship. You can still fend off the feeling of overwhelm and have a good time, though.

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The Shock Factor

As stated earlier, taking a vacation early in your relationship is like enrolling in an accelerated relationship program. Since you don’t know your partner deeply enough already and you will spending a lot of time together, you will be learning a lot of new things about them in a surprisingly short amount of time.

This means that you will also learn a lot about their bad habits pretty fast. If you aren’t prepared for the revelations, the amount of new information can be shocking.

Few Points of Conversation

Another reality you will have to deal with is that you don’t have enough points of reference to have a conversation with inside jokes and banters. Since you are a new relationship, the experiences and moments you will have shared before leaving for the vacation will be limited.

The limited amount of shared moments and experiences may limit your conversation. This can be troublesome as you will be spending a lot of time with each other. Moreover you will feel the pressure to be a fun companion.

Traveling Early In Your New Relationship Can Be Awesome!

There are several ways to go about your first trip with your significant other. Don’t let the cons keep you from traveling together if it’s something you both want to do. If you have a bad time during the trip – at least you will know early on that this person isn’t the one for you. But if everything goes right… then it’s a great story to tell your grandchildren!

General FAQs

Can Traveling with My Partner Hurt Our Relationship?

Knowing about who you are and who your partner is while traveling is extremely important! Before setting out you should know whether, or not, you will be compatible while on a plane, in a hotel, with taxis, and tipping servers, etc..

What is the Best Advice for Travel with a Significant Other?

Communication. Openly, respectfully communicating while on holiday is extremely important.

Is Traveling Together Early On a Good Idea?

Traveling early on in a relationship can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. There are many cons to going off on holiday too early, but it can also be a really great experience!

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Tim Baker is a travel junkie. He is really addicted to travelling and loves writing about his experiences and travel guides. When he is not travelling he is either writing his travel guides or enjoys playing tennis

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