Leicester: Victorian Architecture, UK Space Station and Amazing Christmas Parties

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Leicester city in the UK

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Leicester is a city in England that is the administrative center of Leicestershire. The city originated about two thousand years ago on the site of the Celtic settlement. In those times, the Romans began to build the first fortification, which later gave the name of the city. Later it was conquered by the Danes, but in the XI century it gets registered as an English town in “The Book of the Last Judgment”.

In the Middle Ages, Leicester was an active trading city in which the industrial revolution occurred. In the XVII-XIX centuries, the town became a transport hub by means of the construction of the railway body, from which it is easy to get to various parts of the county. The industry began to develop rapidly, and so the inflow of the inhabitants grew. The city expanded its borders by devouring the smaller towns to become the 11th most populous town in England.

Growing in Popularity as Days Go By

Leicester old town is great for Christmas celebration

Nowadays office celebration of Christmas in Leicester and football glory from the heroic 2015/16 season has given the place the much needed international fame. Leicester is a typically English city with the Old Town in the center, where there are the buildings of the Victorian era and the new neighbourhood in the area.

In the historic part of the city, beautiful buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries like the Guildhall Municipality, the Church of St. Maria-de-Castro, Leicester’s first hotel The City Rooms, Leicester’s Abbey and the Castle can be found. There is also the rubble of the Roman Baths, the Jewish Wall and the Tower Clock tower in the city (this is a point where five streets connect together).

In Leicester, you can visit the Botanical Garden and fully explore gardens of the compartment as well as the famous Garden Victoria. There are many shopping centers, entertainment places,  and the famous Leicester FC stadium. In the city, a lot of the population is Asian, so here you can meet the Moslem Mosque, the center of Jainism and the Hindu temple and synagogue.

Ideally Family-Oriented Place

De Montfort Hall for art enthusiasts

De Montfort Hall will be perfect for fans of painting. In Leicester, it will be interesting to visit the New Walk Museum and the Art Gallery. It occupies a huge area and offers its guests many interesting entertainment options. The museum has a large collection of exhibits from the time of ancient Egypt. Old tables with petroglyphs and mummies, discovered in the late 19th century, were brought here. The pride of the museum is a huge collection of paintings that houses the works of many famous British artists.

de montfort hall

Near Leicester is the National Space Center, which has long been a popular tourist attraction. The main visitors are tourists with children. For them, the center conducts cognitive excursions where they can see various interactive exhibits in action. This center is dedicated to many interesting events of astronomy and modern science.

St Nicholas and Jewry Wall are great places for family tourism, and those who like to relax in a rural atmosphere should head for the Gorse Hill City Farm. It is an impressive park, fully equipped for recreation and various types of entertainment. On the territory of the park is also a small farm. Here you can see a variety of animals, feed and take unforgettable photos. This park is the most interesting in the summer season but can also be fun when it’s cold.

One of the most important symbols of Leicester is the River Soar. A walk along the shore can also be an relaxing event. Beautiful riverside parks are set up on the riverbank. In the warm season, locals often organize picnics here and also enjoy sports entertainment. Close to this wonderful park area are lively areas with restaurants, shops, and attractions.

Do Not Miss the Visit to National Space Center

National Space Center in Leicester

Solar systems and galaxies in the National Space Center are waiting to be explored. Learn about dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, Picasso and local culture at the New Walk Museum in Leicester. In County Leicestershire, you will find a variety of exotic creatures at Twycross Zoo and fun for the whole family at Twinlakes Park, both less than 20 miles away.

Take a trip full of fun to the Drayton Manor theme park, which is just 50 miles from Leicester. Teenagers can enjoy themselves on roller coasters, while pre-school children can meet big cats and monkeys. The Snibston Discovery Museum has plenty to see for kids of all ages. It’s an eclectic museum where a coal mine once stood, displaying everything from designer dresses to old toys.

Fans of unusual sights will be interested in visiting Park Wistow Maze. This is a restless park. It looks like a big farm with labyrinths of all known plants everywhere. Here you can walk in the labyrinths of sunflowers and corn. Interesting playgrounds for children are set up on this farm. For the youngest visitors, there are cognitive activities where they can learn a lot about the flora. It will be interesting to walk independently through the vast fields. Everywhere there are interesting signs.

So How About An Afternoon in Leicester?

Leicester town

Just as you try to spend one afternoon in Leicester you will immediately see how this town deserves much more recognition. They say that the town is the most beautiful in the autumn but you can visit it at any time of the year and simply have a blast.  Leicester can be both a party hotspot and friendly oriented place and its highly advisable to take at least 3 days to fully explore this charming English town.

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Tim Baker is a travel junkie. He is really addicted to travelling and loves writing about his experiences and travel guides. When he is not travelling he is either writing his travel guides or enjoys playing tennis

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