Your Ultimate Guide to Preventing Seasickness While Traveling

Your Ultimate Guide to Preventing Seasickness While Traveling Leave a comment
How to prevent seasickness during travels

Traveling on the seas can be all sweet and fun until you realize that you’re prone to seasickness. Seasickness or motion sickness makes one feel uncomfortable and squeamish during a cruise or sailing trip. If you don’t want to experience this on your next trip, here’s an ultimate guide for you so you can make the most out of it.

Bring all of your medicine

Most of the time, the uneasy feeling of the waves rocking back and forth can be relieved through medication. The motions may result in an upset stomach or headaches, so it’s crucial to bring your prescribed medicines along. Antiemetic drugs are available in pharmacies and drugstores all over the world in case you forget to purchase them before leaving. If these don’t work, you can consult a doctor for a stronger prescription. 

Get enough rest and sleep

Going on a cruise is probably one of the greatest things to experience in life. From the food choices to the activities and amenities, you’ll always find something fun to do.

However, this shouldn’t affect your sleep and rest. Make sure to get 8 hours of soothing and uninterrupted sleep. Failure to do so will only exaggerate your queasiness and more susceptible to nausea and vomiting.

Avoid going onboard hungry or full

It may sound counter-intuitive, but you should never go on a cruise without having a satisfying meal. When we say satisfying, it’s not the type that makes you completely full.  A light meal before your trip will do to settle your stomach. In addition, don’t forget to consume healthy snacks for about one hour after you started cruising.

As a word of precaution, avoid foods that are spicy, oily, and acidic as these items will keep you feeling nauseated at every second of the trip. You may want to steer away from alcohol since the dehydrating effects of it will lower your body’s resistance to seasickness.

where to stay in a cruise ship to avoid seasickness

Get a breath of fresh air  

If you have experienced seasickness and nausea during a trip, you know what your triggers are and the signs you’re about to throw up. To quickly eliminate this feeling, you may want to go at the deck and breathe the summery-fresh dose of air for a change. The winds will rapidly alter the continuous rise of your body’s temperature. More so, it will reduce uncomfortable sweating on your body. It would also help to focus on your breathing and do some breathing exercises to calm yourself. On another note, if you’re traveling by yacht, you’re going to need a secure dock provided by reliable companies such as Here, you can rest for a while so you can get back on your feet before traveling further.

Avoid screen-time and books

While a relaxing read or an action-packed movie may sound tempting while lounging under the sun, this will only make you more susceptible to seasickness. The motion of the seas while keeping your eyes glued to a steady object will trigger your equilibrium state. To avoid confusing your body, you can watch the majestic horizon instead or rest your head with your eyes closed.

Holiday on a cruise ship

Book a room in the middle portion

Notice that the areas where most movements are felt are located on the rightmost or leftmost portion of a ship. Since you’ll be staying on a cruise for a few days, you don’t have to deal with the uneasiness for the whole period. If possible, contact your reservation officer and request a room in the middle portion for a good night’s sleep.

There’s so much that you can miss if you let your sea or motion sickness get the best of you. Prepare yourself mentally and physically with the tips mentioned above so you can fully enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime cruise

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