Elephant herds on a Safari tour

Written by ed

10 Tips for Your First Wildlife Holiday

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Experiences with nature and animals can be both educational and thrilling! And the Blue planet is rich with locations and spots for wildlife holidays where one can escape to for...

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Written by ed

7 Things to Know Before Visiting Marrakech

Africa, Blog, Morocco| Views: 290

Marrakech is a place where you can explore a lot hidden places, antique Cafes, raids and atlas mountains but it’s recommend if you ever visit Marrakech to not miss the...

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Heart of the city, Morocco.

Written by ed

10 Unmissable Spots in Marrakech

Africa, Blog, Morocco| Views: 602

Marrakech is one of the most beautiful cities of Morocco. Loaded with fantastic attractions and great sights, it is no wonder to see it fast become a tourist magnet. The former...

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Written by nicolegastonhp

Best Places To Stay In Marrakesh In 2019

Africa, Morocco| Views: 500

There are a lot of places out there to visit for a vacation but I would recommend you to visit the Marrakesh for trip someday as it is one of the most beautiful places in the...

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Written by ed

Birding Paradise on the Mara – A Different Kenya Adventure

Africa, Blog| Views: 556

A Vibrant Ecosystem The Maasai Mara – chances are you have already heard of it, even if you don’t know the name. If you know what the Great Migration is and can imagine...

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La Digue

Written by rachita.saxena93

The Ultimate Budget Guide For Exploring Seychelles

Africa, Blog| Views: 787

Seychelles is a gorgeous island country where you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful mountains on one side and breathtaking beaches on the other. This amazing place is...

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Written by Tara Bruton

5 Amazing Mountains to Climb in Tanzania

Africa| Views: 660

Tanzania is a fantastic place for outdoor lovers, climbers and trekkers especially when it comes to the mountainous landscapes. You may have heard of Mount Kilimanjaro but there...

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Written by raulg

5 amazing things to do in Zanzibar

Africa| Views: 546

If you’re looking for a tropical climate, gorgeous beaches and diverse culture, there could be no place better to visit than the Zanzibar Archipelago, located in the Indian...

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Written by ahleyrosa

Here’s why Kenya should be on your travel list for 2018

Africa, Blog| Views: 470

Lying right on the equator, this hot country showcases the biggest wildlife show on Earth. It has around 54 national parks and reserves that are home to many threatened and rare...

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Natural attractions in Mauritius - feature

Written by Tara Bruton

Natural Attractions in Mauritius – The Earth Island

Africa, Mauritius| Views: 1169

A haven for nature lovers, there is no shortage of natural attractions in Mauritius. What a wonderful place to explore with unique sights to visit and a relaxed island vibe. From...

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Sossusvlei: Dead tree on salt pan with red dune background.

Written by Ailish Casey

Ultimate Namibia Road Trip Guide: Tips, Plans & More

Africa, Namibia| Views: 692

Few landscapes on earth are as surreal as those found in Namibia. From the vast stretches of barren land, to other-worldly dunes, to breathtaking flora and fauna, a trip through...

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A cruise ship on the Nile in Luxor

Written by Linda

Relax in Style on an Egyptian Nile Cruise

Africa, Egypt| Views: 559

One of the most fabulous ways to see Upper Egypt is to take a relaxing holiday on an Egyptian Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor. It’s a dream to travel aboard a luxury...

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