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Dubrovnik Top 10 Things to See and Do

Dubrovnik Top 10 Things to See and Do 3 Comments

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Dubrovnik is such an interesting place to visit. Whether you are stopping for the day from a cruise or spending the week here, there’s plenty to keep you busy. You might only have limited time in Dubrovnik. So, to help you make the most of it, here are some ideas listing the Dubrovnik Top 10 things to see and do.

1) Walk the Old City Walls

Dubrovnik top 10 old city walls

Take a walk along the city walls and enjoy the views of the old town and the Mediterranean Sea.You can walk around the whole of the old city walls on the top navigating many steps and see the town from a different perspective.  It is especially incredible at sunset when the golden rays bounce off the ancient walls. Choose when you visit carefully though as it can get crowded as it is definitely the top of the Dubrovnik top 10.

2) Try the Exceptional Seafood

The seafood in Dubrovnik is delicious. Being so close to the sea means the fish is extremely fresh.  With many restaurants at and around the harbour, you are spoiled for choice. One of my favourite dishes is the black seafood risotto, it’s perfect if you can get past the strange colour. The great thing about eating in the old town is that all of the restaurants are independent which means you get original fresh great tasting food.

3) Lokrum Island Day Trip

Take the small ferry, a 10-minute ride from the old Dubrovnik harbour. Here you will find an old monastery, wandering peacocks, and a dead sea lake where you can swim and relax. It’s an excellent break from the city and the most popular day trip from Dubrovnik. Whilst on your boat trip you will be able to take in the views of Dubrovnik from the sea too.  Some agencies offer a tour of the island which will give you a better insight into the history and legend of the place. If not it’s easy to explore the place yourself.

4) Take the Cable Car to Mount Srdj

Dubrvnik top 10 - From the cable car

The cable car will take you to the top of Mount Srdj for fantastic views and photo opportunities. The ride is peaceful and you’ll enjoy the slow steady incline watching the orange old town roofs getting smaller as you rise. Finally, once you get to the top, stop at the snack bar or restaurant for a bite to eat or a drink and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

5) Enjoy a Drink on a Cliff Edge

Have you heard of Buza bar? Well, it’s great little bar nestled into the cliff wall which has tiered seating and overlooks the sea. Climb through an unmarked hole in the city walls and find yourself in the cutest little bar you’ve ever seen. It’s no longer a secret place which means it can get quite busy especially at popular times such as sunset. Even so its a lovely place to enjoy a cold beer and look out onto the sea.

6) Explore the old town Architecture

There are numerous beautiful old buildings within the old town. Just walking around the cobbled streets is fascinating, and no matter how often you stroll the alleyways, you will notice another interesting corner you missed before. Including the Franciscan Monastery,  Sponza Palace, Church of St Ignatius and at the entrance to the old town, Pile Gate. The main Stradun is especially beautiful at night, probably because the light bounces off the street and it is less crowded too.

7) Kick back and relax at Banje Beach

Dubrovnik top 10 - beach

If you want to take some time out from the town then head towards the small pebble and sand beach near to the city walls. It’s a relatively small beach but its the perfect place to relax, catch the sun and watch the boats go by. If you are staying centrally then its a short walk down to the beach and the sea. Sun loungers are available to hire during high season too. If you want a sandy beach then you will have to travel further afield, while if pebbles don’t bother you then Banje beach is a nice little spot by the sea.

8) Climb to Fort Lovrijenac

Explore the fort’s landings and cannons and imagine how it was used to survey the seas for enemies in the past. After a climb up the many steps, you can explore the three terraces and look down onto the jagged rocks below. Spectacular views from the top mean you can look over the walled city jutting out into the sea and spot pirate ships sailing in the distance. Make sure you remember to bring your camera for that iconic shot.

9) Watch the Boats at The City Harbour

It might be a strange idea to include this is the Dubrovnik top 10 things to do. However, it’s more interesting than it sounds. From large yachts to small fishing boats, you can see a range of boats of all shapes and sizes at Dubrovnik Harbour. With a few restaurants and bars facing the docks, you can enjoy a bite to eat or a nice cold beer whilst watching the captains, crews, and visitors sail out onto the water.

10) Eat an Ice Cream whilst Strolling the Stradun

Dubrovnik top 10 - Ice Cream

The Ice cream in Dubrovnik is something you must try whilst visiting. With lots of little stores dotted around the old town, grab a cone and take a stroll along the beautiful Stradun. Try many different fantastic flavours, including pistachio, cookies and cream and a wide variety of fruits. Healthier frozen yogurt varieties are also available for the health conscious among you. So you can enjoy a treat and still be beach ready!

Our Dubrovnik Top 10 Guide to Help You Plan Your Holiday!

Are there any things you would add to this list? Dubrovnik is a place worth exploring especially the old town within the fortress-like city walls. The surrounding area is worth checking out too and you might find some special sights further afield. This Dubrovnik top 10 list describes some of the best things to do here, even if you have limited time.

What do you think? Have you been to Dubrovnik? What was your top thing you experienced here?

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