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Day Trips From Dubrovnik – By Land or Sea

Day Trips From Dubrovnik – By Land or Sea 2 Comments
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Dubrovnik is a stunning place to visit and has plenty to see and do. However, if you want to get out of the old town and explore your surroundings, there are many places you can visit. Whether that be within Croatia or in nearby Bosnia and Herzegonva or Montenegro, there are lots of beautiful, romantic destinations to visit. Here are seven of the top day trips from Dubrovnik that you might enjoy.

1.     Elafiti Islands

These tiny islands are quite unique as all but one of them are completely car free. Only three of the islands are actually lived on, Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan, which is the only place that has motor vehicles. The islands are tiny and are worlds away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

You can catch a ferry from Dubrovnik to the Elafiti islands or you can book a day tour during the summer months of June to September. Indulge and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and scenery.

2.     Montenegro

Day trips from Dubrovnik - Kotor

This country is so close to Dubrovnik, it is very easy to drive across the border and visit Montenegro. There are lots of pretty coastal towns to explore including the southern fjord towns of Kotor and Perast. Or check out the mini fortress town of Budva. The scenery is stunning and taking a drive means you can stop and take in the views.

If book yourself onto a tour where all of the stops are prearranged then you’ll get to see all of the best spots. Or if you want more freedom you can hire a car and decide where you want to stop and how long for. For most visitors, a full day is enough time to enjoy a trip to Montenegro.

3.     Korcula Island

The historical town of Korcula is said to be the birthplace of Marco Polo, which makes it a popular destination for tourists. The island is filled with beautiful pebble beaches and interesting architecture and you can find plenty of bars and restaurants to refresh yourself during your trip.

During summer it’s easy to get to Korcula from Dubrovnik by private boat, the daily summer catamaran or by driving. The trip will take about two hours whichever route you decide to take. Tours are also available and usually include a trip to the intriguing medieval village of Ston.

4.     National park Mljet

The Park is situated on the island of Mljet and is around 2 hours from Dubrovnik by car and ferry. The central part of the park is made up of the Great Lake with the Isle of St. Mary, the Small Lake and the villages of Goveđari, Polače and Pomena.

A highlight for most visitors is the boat ride across the Great Lake to the Benedictine monastery on the Isle of St. Mary. You can also explore Odyssey’s Cave on the coast, you can swim, dive or take a boat to get here. This part of the coast is full of interesting caves and places to discover. So you won’t be bored if you like to walk or swim.

5.     Mostar

Day trips from Dubrovnik - Mostar

Mostar is just across the border in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is famous for its ancient bridge. This trip is one of the most popular day trips from Dubrovnik and is another country that is easy to get to. It is probably best to take an organized tour as it makes it much easier to see the sights in one day.

The scenic drive is stunning and the highlights, once you arrive in Mostar, are Stari Most Bridge, the Mosque of Mostar and theTurkish House. The Ottoman history is prevalent here and you will find out so much about the country’s past.

6.     Kravica Waterfalls

Another destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina, if you like to get out into nature then this is the day trip for you. These waterfalls are not very well known to tourists at the moment, so its a good time to visit. It’s a lovely setting to get away from it all, go swimming in the waters or hike in the area.

It can take you about two hours to drive to this area from Dubrovnik, or you can book a tour. By Driving it means you are freer to explore the place without being dependent on others.

7.     Lokrum Island

Probably the shortest day trip to take from Dubrovnik, this island is only a 15-minute boat ride away. If you take only one of these day trips from Dubrovnik, Lokrum should be it. You can spend time in the lush gardens and see Dubrovnik from another side.

There are so many things to do on Lokrum including swimming in the salt-water lake and visiting the Benedictine abbey and monastery. The peacock families on the island will make themselves known too. There are also exotic gardens to explore with plants from all over the world. Watch the locals cliff jump into the sea and try it yourself if you are feeling brave!

Day trips from Dubrovnik - Lokrum

 Have you been on Day Trips from Dubrovnik?

There are so many things to do in and around Dubrovnik and as you can see you are spoiled for choice with these day trips. You can even visit two other different countries during your holiday! Game of Thrones tours are also popular as you might recognize many scenes have been filmed in the stunning location.

Whether you are driving yourself around or booking on tours you are sure to have an amazing time. Which of these day trips would you choose to go on during your trip to Dubrovnik? Have you ever taken a day trip from Dubrovnik? What was your experience like?

Whether you are driving yourself around or booking on tours you are sure to have an amazing time. Which of these day trips would you choose to go on during your trip to Dubrovnik? Have you ever taken a day trip from Dubrovnik? What was your experience like?

Which of these day trips would you choose to go on during your trip to Dubrovnik? Have you ever taken day trips from Dubrovnik? What was your experience like?

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