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The 5 Most Memorable Attractions In Nepal

The 5 Most Memorable Attractions In Nepal 3 Comments
Attractions in Nepal - feature

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Are you looking for an adventurous holiday? Visit Nepal and you’ll find yourself surrounded by natural beauty, iconic cultural landmarks and some of the friendliest people on earth. With the backdrop of the Himalayas and a border with India, you can only imagine the amazing places you can go. A truly unique place to explore and an itinerary with endless possibilities.  There are many things to see and do here and if you want to create your very own authentic trip why not check out“. If you want to know more about the top things to do, read on for a snapshot of the five most memorable attractions in Nepal.

Pashupatinath Temple

pashupatinath - Attractions in Nepal

On the outskirts of the capital Kathmandu you’ll find Pashupati Nath Temple. One of the oldest and most sacred temples in Nepal. Hindu followers visit for a divine blessing from Lord Shiva whom the temple is dedicated to.  Devout Hindus make the pilgrimage to live out the last of their days in the temple so they can be cremated on the banks of the nearby river. The belief is that if you die in this temple you will be reborn as a human, no matter what your sins. You can see platforms for funeral pyres and you’ll usually see at least one open-air cremation during your visit.

In addition to the religious visitors, you’ll see plenty of tourists too. Highlights of this attraction include the temples beautiful golden spire and the golden statue of Nandi – Shiva’s bull. You will probably meet Sadhus in Pashupatinath, who are mysterious wandering Yogis looking for rebirth by meditating. They are very friendly to tourists and will often pose for photos but for a price. Doors are open to visitors from 4 am to 7 pm.


Nagarkot - Attractions in Nepal
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If you want to enjoy the great outdoors then Nagarkot is definitely the place to go. Near to the Kathmandu valley, Nargarkot is the perfect place to take part in fun outdoor activities such as mountain biking and hiking and walking.  Nagarkot is especially famous for its spectacular views. This is due to the area being surrounded by amazing Himalayan mountains. On a clear day, you might even catch a glimpse of the famous Mount Everest!

Almost all of the hotels here have fantastic mountain views and tourists particularly love the beautiful sunrise and sunsets you can witness here. Watching the sun dance over the mountain tops from the comfort of your hotel is like no other experience in Nepal. There are a few other things to do here too including a visit to the hilltop Mahakali Temple. However, most people come here for the scenery and great hikes.


Boudhanath - Attractions in Nepal

Possibly the most popular of attractions in Nepal. You’ll find the magnificent stupa about 7 km north east of Kathmandu. Expect crowds as this is a pilgrimage hotspot for both local and Tibetan pilgrims traveling for spiritual meditation. This Buddhist temple has one of the largest spherical stupas in Nepal and in the world. Giving it the status of a UNESCO world heritage site since 1979.

The temple is open all day so it really doesn’t matter when you get there. Don’t miss the 50 gompas, (or Tibetan convent) guarding precious objects and the numerous flag covered prayer wheels. If it’s a typical sight of Nepal you want then you won’t be disappointed here.  Hundreds of flying prayer flags plus traditionally dressed pilgrims and an amazing atmosphere you will never forget.

Mahendra Gufa

Take a tour and explore the underground caves of Mahendra. Near to the city of Pokhara in the western Nepal, you’ll find the dark caves filled with limestone. Stalactites and stalagmites are dotted all over the caves, water, and limestone fall to the ground causing electrical sparks. Inside the cave, the main draw is the statue of Lord Shiva. You’ll also see a small temple and sacred statue of cow upon entering before exploring the rest of the caves and finding the Shiva statue. Devi falls is another natural beauty you will find here. There may be a queue to take the best photo and although it is small, it’s worth the wait.

In the surrounding area, there’s beautiful scenery and a great place to explore. You’ll see horses grazing and plenty of greenery. You can also visit a bat cave here too which is just ten minutes walk below the hills.

Swayambhu Mandir

Swayambhunath- Attractions in Nepal

Also known as the monkey temple, the Tibetan name for the temple means ‘Sublime Trees’.  There’s a long stairway with 365 steps, leading to the main platform of the temple, it’s a bit of a breathtaking walk but the steps are worth it.  The views are great looking down across the city and the monkeys who live here are quite friendly too. Legend says that Swayambhu was born out of a lotus flower that bloomed in the middle of a lake. But whatever you believe you’ll find this a truly magical place.  Make sure you see the temple dedicated to Harati, the goddess of all children, the great Buddha statue, the Sleeping Buddha and the Dewa Dharma Monastery.

Not only is it a cultural experience here but there are many shops and restaurants to visit also. You can wander and discover the temple and its surroundings followed by enjoying a local meal and then snapping up some bargains whilst souvenir shopping.  A great place all round when it comes to attractions in Nepal.

What are your favourite attractions in Nepal?

There are some interesting and unique places to visit in Nepal, what do you think of these five featured? From wonderful views, exceptional temples to hiking and souvenir shopping. There are many great experiences to be had at all attractions in Nepal. Like many places in Asia, Nepal offers wonderful hospitality which rivals the likes of Thailand and Cambodia for Western visitors.

Have you ever been to Nepal? What was your favourite place to visit? If you have any tips for travelers new to this area, leave a comment below.

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  1. planning visit nepal soon, thanks for the great post. You have listed out the best attractions of nepal. Thank you

  2. Nagarkot is perfect hill station which is just few miles away from busy Kathmandu. Just sat down on the chair of the restaurant or laying down in the bed get spectacular view of the mountains and the valley.

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